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Using Molecular and Evolutionary Biology to Understand HIV/AIDS and Treatment

Structure of HIVThis analysis and discussion activity introduces students to the biology of HIV infection and treatment, including the molecular biology of the HIV virus lifecycle and the importance of understanding molecular biology and natural selection for developing effective treatments.

The questions in this activity challenge students to apply their understanding of basic molecular and cellular biology and natural selection and interpret information presented in prose and diagrams in order to understand multiple aspects of the biology of HIV/AIDS and treatment.

Sexual Health and Reproduction

This is an archived page which is not being maintained. Many of the links in the Student Handout are broken.

This activity provides questions and Web sites to guide student investigation of birth control methods, fetal development, risks of alcohol and smoking during pregnancy, changes during puberty, and HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.  The first file has the student handout and the second file has teacher notes.

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