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Much harder than I thought

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  Before playing Minecraft on computer, I thought it would easy. I tried the ipad version one or two months ago and quickly lost interest when I was just puting a block here and there. I guess I played it wrong. But anyways, before downloading the game on my computer, I was still skeptical why the simple game can be so popular. I thought it's just like building something with random blocks in different colors. I was wrong. It was so difficult that I couldn't survive the night. I was killed in explosions and by spiders and zombies. I think my experience would be much happier if someone who has played it before would explain what I should do in the game for me when I don't want to read all those online. Overall, I think the game can be interesting if you know how to play it. Maybe I should try to play it again tomorrow.

  I do belief the gaming experience is transferable. The transferable part is probably not a specific skill to make something since people will never have to make ,for example, a pickaxe outside of the game. I don't know how the multiplayer minecraft game works. But other multiplayer games, especially multiplayer online games requires and improves teamwork and communication skills if the players play in team. That kind of skills can be transfered  to other games and outside of the game as well.


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hard start

It sounds as if you would prefer to learn in a social setting than from reading in this case.  Is that worth thinking more about?