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Deterministic and Non-deterministic Emergence

Ways of Making Sense of the World:
From Primal Patterns to Deterministic and Non-Deterministic Emergence



The world as we perceive it is neither fully disorganized (Figure 1), beyond our ability to identify any overall pattern in it, nor fully organized, describable by us in terms of some single simple pattern (Figure 2). Instead, we are faced with, and find ourselves trying to make sense of, a world that most typically shows mixes of pattern and disorganization at different scales (Figures 3, 4, 5).

The Three Doors of Serendip

Making Sense of Understanding:
The Three Doors of Serendip

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Education: Between Two Cultures

An interesting conversation has broken out, at several different places on Serendip and beyond, among (so far) two scientists, three humanists, and several college students of whom at least one has yet to declare an identity. Among the things that make it interesting, to me at least, is that it isn't actually about the two cultures per se (see also Two Cultures or One?), but rather about experiences teaching and learning in different contexts - with the intriguing suggestion that humanists might have something to learn in this regard from scientists and vice versa.

A Visit with Susan Stryker

Notes towards Day 12 of
Critical Feminist Studies

--sign in, conferences, papers due on-line t'morrow @ 5
--events: Latina/o Studies/Transgender History/Raka Ray on Feminist Revolution
--reading assignment, Tuesday after break:
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, "La Respuesta/The Response" (1690)
--Wed. evening quarterbacking re: revised syllabus/more tweaking/commentary?
--mid-semester evaluations: what's working? what needs working on??

Fellow Traveling with Richard Rorty


Paths to Story Telling as Life:
Fellow Traveling with Richard Rorty

Paul Grobstein
2 July 2007

(comments welcome, go to end;
see also Rorty, Non-Foundationalism and Story Telling: A Conversation)

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