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Trouble Running Our Netlogo Models / Java Applets?

Java has upgraded its security, so for some PC browsers, you will need to take steps to run our Playground's Netlogo models (Java applets), such as

  • The World of Langton's Ant: What is "purpose" and "purposeful" behavior and does one imply the other?
    an experiment with models, requires Java capable browser

  • Thinking About Segregation and Integration: Why do people cluster with others with similar characteristics?
    an experiment with models, optional: Java capable browser. Now upgraded to NetLogo 6 and we recommend downloading NetLogo and running the model on local machines. Links for downloads are provided with the experiment.

  • Seeing More Than Your Eye Does: Does your brain make up stories? A "blindspot" experiment.

1) update Java to the most recent release (you may have already does that step)

2) add our site to the Java exceptions list. Instructions for doing this are here:

The quick summary:

  • Start menu -> Java -> Configure Java,
  • Security tab,
  • Edit site list,
  • Add
  • Enter:  as one of the exceptions
  • Save

Coordination without a leader: flocking model


 (Very slightly modified from Wilensky, U. (1998). NetLogo Flocking model. Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.)

Need help to run the applet?

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Evolution as Reproduction with Variability

 Evolution as Reproduction with Variability

Paul Grobstein
July 2010
in progress

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