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Trouble Running Our Netlogo Models / Java Applets?

Java has upgraded its security, so for some PC browsers, you will need to take steps to run our Playground's Netlogo models (Java applets), such as

  • The World of Langton's Ant: What is "purpose" and "purposeful" behavior and does one imply the other?
    an experiment with models, requires Java capable browser

  • Thinking About Segregation and Integration: Why do people cluster with others with similar characteristics?
    an experiment with models, optional: Java capable browser. Now upgraded to NetLogo 6 and we recommend downloading NetLogo and running the model on local machines. Links for downloads are provided with the experiment.

  • Seeing More Than Your Eye Does: Does your brain make up stories? A "blindspot" experiment.

1) update Java to the most recent release (you may have already does that step)

2) add our site to the Java exceptions list. Instructions for doing this are here:

The quick summary:

  • Start menu -> Java -> Configure Java,
  • Security tab,
  • Edit site list,
  • Add
  • Enter:  as one of the exceptions
  • Save
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Patagonian Frontiers, from M.L. Crawford

January 3 – 20, 2011; itinerary

We enjoyed the rare privilege of face-to-face encounters with two of the world’s last great frontiers: the magnificent fjords and glaciers of Southern Patagonia, on a small ship cruise; and the stunningly dramatic scenery of Torres del Paine on a three night stay at the part. We also visited Buenos Aires and Santiago to discover the remarkable diversity of South America. 


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Cyclops pumpkin

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Facebook Experiences and Stories

Write the story of your life and identity/ies on Facebook.  Some questions you should  address: How long have you “lived” there?  Has the time been continuous, or with breaks?  What does Facebook do for and to you? Who are you on Facebook and how has that changed?  

(You could tell this story using your different profile pictures/cover page as the spine.)  If your profile picture is an avatar, what work is it doing for you?  

How do you feel about your Facebook life and persona?  Would you like it to change/to change it in some way?

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Who do you think would enjoy and use Serendip?

When we sat down together, your enjoyment of Serendip came through loud and clear (thank you!), as well as how valuable a tool it has been/ is/ will be in your teaching and intellectual lives.

There are other faculty and groups on campus who would undoubtedly benefit from and extend Serendip's experimental, immersive, interdisciplinary approach and philosophy. And who would be fun to work and play with too.

So who do you think would enjoy and use Serendip? Is there anyone you would like to introduce to Serendip, say, for the spring semester to collaborate with you in any small or large way?

Olivia, I loved your idea of using Serendip as a large textual dataset - I would be happy to talk with anyone you know of who might be interested in using it.

Wil and Mike, would you be interested in doing a science education grant proposal? Weecha asked me if Serendip would be available for doing outreach to 4th grades on earth science. (I of course said yes! with hopes of using the materials with Audrey in just a couple years!) Peter B might be able to give you spring or summer funding from HHMI to start off with a pilot project that could be taken to someone other than HHMI.

Alice, who will you be inviting (from campus) to participate in the Breaking Project?

To all of you immersed in collaboration with Parkway (!), do you envision this as extending indefinitely into the future? and are there others on campus who might like to participate in this model of engagement?

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A Day at the BeachA Day at the BeachHere is a test.


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What's New on Serendip - April 2008

Serendip principles and principals participated in a national conference, SENCER, in Washington D.C this month.  Our presentation, Science Education as Interactive Conversation, is available for download, and we have some links to relevant materials.

Hands-on Activities for Teaching Biology to High School or Middle School Students has been very popular with science teachers, and is one of Serendip's favorite exhibits. Even if you're not in high school anymore, take a look at Dragon Genetics, just for fun.

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