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What's New on Serendip - April 2008

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Serendip principles and principals participated in a national conference, SENCER, in Washington D.C this month.  Our presentation, Science Education as Interactive Conversation, is available for download, and we have some links to relevant materials.

Hands-on Activities for Teaching Biology to High School or Middle School Students has been very popular with science teachers, and is one of Serendip's favorite exhibits. Even if you're not in high school anymore, take a look at Dragon Genetics, just for fun.

Bryn Mawr College undergraduates have written web papers published on Serendip for over 10 years. This winter, a Serendip intern has imported them into Exchange, where readers may leave (moderated) comments at the bottom of their pages. Serendip Readers Write Back presents an alphabetical-by-title listing of web paper titles available.

The emerging genre of blogging is being examined in the course Emerging Genres: Form and Transformation, From Novels to Blogs. Please drop by the forum to exchange some thoughts about blogging. 

A wonderful exhibit on Ambiguous Figures has been moved into Exchange and expanded. See if you can make your brain see different interpretations of these figures.