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Hi! I’m Stephanie and I teach second grade in North Philadelphia. I am going into my third year at Hunter Elementary school. My goal as a teacher is to help my students be successful members in the community and to be future positive role models. The most pressing issue in my classroom is the lack of desire to learn and understand basic skills. If they don’t want to learn something they won’t. My students love groups work, hands on activities and projects but have trouble relating it back to the classroom.  

One of the biggest obstacles for the school is parent and home communication school wide. There is a divide between the school and home and parents tend to stay away. One reason for the divide is the constant change in administrators. We have had eight administrators in the past three years and none have tried to connect to the community.

My favorite Michael Jackson song is “Heal the World”. I sang that in fifth grade for a talent show…… no, I did not win, but it still brings back good memories.