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Feingold Gallery: Bad Karma

Feingold Gallery:
Bad Karma



The design of this gallery is aimed at encouraging conversation involving both immediate and reflective thought, individual and collective. Rather than starting by reading comments of others, please first put your own immediate thoughts in the on-line forum below. This way, we'll all be able to see how much similarity and difference there is in our initial reactions and interpretations of the images. Then go back to see what others have said about this image and add whatever new thoughts you have as a result of that. More general thoughts about the collection of images and/or this exhibit as a whole are welcome in the on-line forum on the exhibit home page.



Anonymous's picture

I see this as an awakening.

I see this as an awakening. There is a tragedy in this pic. Brought on by bad judgment. What comes around goes around, just like karma says. the stop sign is like saying, wake up and smell the coffee time for change. And the picture of jesus at the bottom shows is the awakening, the change. I see a matter of life or death in this picture.

DavidFeingold's picture

Just like having an acquired disability

Martin, "death, redemption/resurrection" is a great metaphor for what it was like to have been in the accident--physically, mentally and emotionally.  It took my accident to teach me in a very personal way, that inherent in the word, "disability", is the word, "ability".  DF
Martin's picture

Looks like a car accident

Looks like a car accident that led to death, and redemption/resurrection. 
Ljones's picture

Maybe we are only as crazy

Maybe we are only as crazy as the world is, or vice versa?
ryan g's picture

I see a linear story.

I see a linear story.  Someone gets in a car accident and this picture reflects on their last moments of life. 
akerle's picture

There is a sense of depth

There is a sense of depth here. The top level seems easy enough to deal with- a person who is sick deserves and receives medical care (symbolic, perhaps, of our overly medicated mental health culture) yet it does not reach down to the places it is really needed.
mstokes's picture

Almost dead, but not quite.

Almost dead, but not quite.  Perhaps a shred of hope exists in this picture:  the possibility of renewed life, resurrection.  
jrlewis's picture

I find the hospital image

I find the hospital image most interesting.  The blurry periphery appears to indicate motion.  However, upon closer inspection, both the subject and background are blurred.  Then it is the artist or observer who is in motion, with respect to the scene.  The observer's relationship to the subject is changing here?
kmanning's picture


This piece, as well as the genetics piece, seem to represent the artist's obsession with the injustice of his situation. There is an underlying sense of anger, both at society for not accepting, and at genetics, or karma, or whatever caused him to feel this way, throughout many, if not all, of these pieces.
Sophie F's picture

So many potential or actual

So many potential or actual misfortunes, but with hope, light as a beacon and renewal as possibilities in the aftermath. There is no permanency.
merry2e's picture

diving into blackness and

diving into blackness and pain
ysilverman's picture

Here there is both trauma

Here there is both trauma and resurrection -- the crucifix, the flying birds, even the terminology "hit and run." There is a jolt, a horror, a karmic misfortune -- and then, we are off and running, flying away again.
Riki's picture

The hospital picture is

The hospital picture is telling -- the experience was fast and blurry as it was happening.
Paul Grobstein's picture

Bad karma comment

There is horror in the parts, but this image too I like a lot. I think perhaps because of the composition/structure which, like several others of these images, conveys (to me) a sense of ... order? familiarity? ordinariness?
Laura Cyckowski's picture

A misfortune that has

A misfortune that has divided a person's life into a Before and an After. Also, a feeling of chronic neglect.

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