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I wasn't in class on Tuesday so I thought I would post my avatar now. My avatar is a picture of my dog Ginger. I have four dogs and I tend to talk about them a lot but Ginger is special because she hates me. I really enjoy this picture because my family adopted her from a shelter and she is not a particularly pretty dog. We have a love-hate relationship. She likes to hide behind chairs and stare at me while I sleep. I like to give her food which she won’t eat and crawl through bushes at night to bring her inside. She's this cranky little dog with bad teeth and stumpy little legs but she always makes my day entertaining and as much as she annoys me, I love her very much. It's hard to pick a picture for an avatar that other people will see all the time but I picked this picture because it makes me happy. I love her odd little face and it reminds me of home and whenever I look at this photo it makes me laugh.