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Introduction and Thoughts on P5

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Hi, my name is Annelise and I am a senior at Haverford. I am majoring in Spanish and minoring in Gender and Sexuality Studies. I am just returning from a semester abroad in Seville, Spain and in the Spring I will be writing my thesis on gay Spanish cinema. My experiences with Gender and Sexuality Studies reflect my academic, personal and professional interests in the subject. I am struck by the use of the word "perspective" in a course entitled Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gen/Sex. Will we be learning new perspectives? Should we challenge our own? Adopt others? Formulate new ones? I am looking forward to questioning the concept of perspective and its potential shortcomings and advantages. I hope that this inquisitve and questioning mentality is mirrored or challenged by other students and contributes to engaging conversation and learning.


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Hello classmates, I'm a Bryn Mawr senior History of Art major with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. Last spring I was abroad in Florence, Italy where I took a class on Modern Italy and Gender Stereotypes within Italian culture from the Renaissance up to present day. This semester I am also taking two other Judith Butler flexner seminar courses so I am ready to theory it up! I really appreciate the use of "playful" as one of the "p's" for this course as I feel that play is extremely important when discussing gender, queering, and boundaries that interact with theater, dance, performance etc. One potential thesis topic of mine deals directly with a playful stone/wood carving native to Northern Europe which blends gender, gender stereotypes and tropes within an artistic field of expression.