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The Entanglement Machine!

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During class tonight I drew this, thinking about some of the main themes of our course.


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Initial Stroke?


I'm curious, where in this picture did you begin drawing?

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I started off with the pipes.

I started off with the pipes.  I wanted to make a giant maze of all different size pipes.  I guess in class when pretty much every group used the word entangled I though that my doodle kind of resembled that idea and then I started to add more stuff that was relevant to class. I usually start doodling stuff based on short stories I've read or lyrics of songs.  For some reason, drawing actually helps me pay much better attention in class then I would if I was just sitting there. 

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ma(r)king questions!

I love how the entanglement machine leaves someone still standing and thinking, but with an even bigger, more elaborate question mark!  Thank you for this great graphic!'s picture