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Planning our In-City Finale: Sunday afternoon, December 8

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So, City Players--
our plan is for ALL of us to gather in the city once more
on Sunday, December 8 (between 3-5 or 4-6 p.m).

Please comment on this post by midnight on Wednesday, both confirming that
THIS TIME WILL WORK FOR YOU, and weighing in on the possibilities we've floated so far:

*Anne's condo (@ 9th and Clinton, in Washington Square West),
*Mark's funeral home (@ 1170 S. Broad Street, deep in South Philly),
*a restaurant in Chinatown--Tessa knows a good noodle place?
(where those of us from China would order for those of us from elsewhere,
and explain what's going on around us....?)
**a Philly cheesesteak truck--
and/or suggest a viable alternative.

SO THINK WITH-AND-RESPONSIVELY (you can disagree, of course, but you must do so in dialogue
w/ those who have written before you....). You are also encouraged to check back several hours
after you have posted, to see if a new idea is circulating that you'd like to speak to...

Very much looking forward to seeing what emerges in this conversation.



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It would be nice if we could

It would be nice if we could do both (get takeout in Chinatown and take it to either mark or Anne's place), but that might be a little difficult to arrange. Some one would have to order it and pick it up, or we would each have to make a separate order and retrieve itourselves.  This might be a situation where it would be easier to do one or the other rather than both.  Either go to Chinatown or Anne's place. I personally prefer going to Anne's house.

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I would really love to go to

I would really love to go to Chinatown as well! The noodle house sounds amazing and I love soup and dumplings. 

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I agree that going to Anne's

I agree that going to Anne's or Mark's natural habitat is surely relaxing. Going to Chinatown sounds fun, and I'm happy that so many people want to go to Chinatown. But as a Chinese, I have to say that I can't tell you a lot about Chinese food -- not every Chinese person is an expert on Chinese food and culture. Also, Chinatown is very different from real China, which means it' unfamiliar to me. So I'm not going to be a tour guide, but an explorer. 

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It's a good idea to go to

It's a good idea to go to Anne's "natural habitat". I would also like to go to Chinatown~ 

Ziyan and I are going to Chinatown this weekend, so we can go to several restaurants and see if there are places that are big enough to hold all of us.

The time works for me.

BTW Mark's profile pic is soooo cool!

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I'm fine for pretty much

I'm fine for pretty much everything but I do think Agatha had a good point that it would be much easier to socalize/mingle in either Anne or Mark's "natural habitats."  But as Abby said we could just use them as a fall back if another plan doesnt work out.

Also the times are good for me.

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The times sound great, as do the noodles! We probably should have reservations, though. I'm with tomahawk on the vegetarian thing, cheesesteak trucks usually don't have much for veggies. I'd also be fine going to either Mark's or Anne's "natural habitat," and I think AnotherAbby's idea of having them as a fallback is great. 

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I'm still holding onto my noodle place, ladies and germs. I saw on the website that they do take-out. So... Do you think we could order a LOT of noodles, pick them up at the place (no deliveries), and book it to Anne's/Mark's place before they get cold? We could order cheesteak and pizza too. 


I feel bad inviting ourselves to our professor's habitats without bringing stuff to eat. :) 

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Tessa suggests a great idea

Tessa suggests a great idea to order and take food to the place we're going! Although I agree with Grace that there are a lot of good restaurants in Chinatown, I think it would be nice if we gather in a place that we could talk or play, no matter it's Anne's place or Mark's funeral home or other possibilities. I'm open to any new things that I haven't seen or done before.

I'm fine with both time.

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I think going to Anne's place

I think going to Anne's place is a good idea. Also noodles sound good. Everything is fine, including the times. I'm a pretty easy going person.

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2 points of information (maybe three)

1. The funeral home I hang out at is not my house. It's the studio where Headlong Dance Theater, the company I work with has its offices and rehearsal studio. It's not particularly homey, but we could order food and eat it there. If the weather was going to be nice, we could hang out in the courtyard between the viewing parlor and the embalming room (which is now a practice studio for bands). 

2. I don't think that we need to consider money as a Big Factor in this decision. Anne and I will be sure that everybody eats.

3. It doesn't need to be a part of tonight's decision which restaurant in chinatown we go to. If you like that option, we can research which places have banquet rooms. Lots of them do, for wedding receptions, parties and...esem dinners.

I'm not trying to move the discussion in any particular way, just to provide info that might be useful. 

Carry on.

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Time is Okay for me

Actually, I will love to go anywhere. But if the fanal decision is a restaurant in Chinatown, I am willing to be a guid and order for us.

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late post...I like the Chinatown idea,I would like to share what I know about Chinatown(very limited though) with the class, and I know a few good restaurants too!It's alright if we can't make it to those,I can do some recommendation for people who're willing to be there! 

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I vote to call up the noodle

I vote to call up the noodle place and see if they have a place to put a large group. Some restaurants have party areas. If not, I move that we visit Mark, since as nightowl said, we've been to Anne's neighborhood already. I also second nightowl's idea of bringing something from wherever in the city we visited--we could put them together in a sort of collage and take a picture.

Both times work for me, I just need to know which one by that weekend so I can schedule around it.

As for pricing, cash only isn't a problem for me as long as I have advance enough notice to withdraw some, but that or prices in general might be a problem for others--thoughts? Also, allergies? Does anyone know if there is an ingredient that goes in all or most of this food?

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I think Anne's house is near the Magical Gardens, which a nice place but somewhere we have been before. On the plus side It is probably easy access from the train station. Although I love bowls of noodles/ramen, I am leaning towards Anne's house for the space and the natural surroundings.

Maybe we can just bring whatever, just a little something from the part of the city we were in. Not just a pot luck dish, it could be a rock, some candy, leaves, coffee grounds, or a street sign.

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Or if we were making cookies or something togther at Anne's each one of us could bring one of the ingrediants.

nightowl's picture


Also this time does work for me.

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The times work for me. I'm

The times work for me.

I'm going with the recent consensus about Anne's house (or Mark's-- maybe we could go to whichever is in a more interesting part of the city? maybe that we haven't seen yet? unless we've seen both, in which case, either one). It really would be more intimate and easier to have conversations with more people than if we were just near a few people in a restaurant.

I'm not quite sure how a potluck would work, although it is a really fun idea. Unless we all went out to get some food to bring before meeting up (which might be expensive...), our options of things to bring are basically limited to dining hall food (or at least mine are).

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I agree as well, I think it

I agree as well, I think it would be more intimate and a lot more special with an ending to our adventures in Anne's home. As for food, I think pizza is fine and everything but I think it would make things more interesting if we tried something exotic and different...something that we don't always tend to have. We would be in a sense, be playing with food. So maybe like a pot luck? What do you think?

Also, the times work for me on that Sunday. 

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Although a Noodle House would

Although a Noodle House would be nice, I think that going to either Mark's or Anne's would allow for a intimate environment for all of us to have our last outing together, and that it would be easier for us to converse about our experiences in the city and in class. Also I think that in the Noodle House we would be forced to split up, at least into different tables, whereas in one of the houses we could all communicate together.

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Mark and Anne's "Natural Habitats"

I agree with all the comments about how interesting it would be to see Mark and Anne's "natural habitats"! 

I think that would also make it a speedier "outing", which I would appreciate considering that I will be doing a tech rehearsal for a play I'm in, so I'll really only be free from around 3 to 6...and even that will be exhausting for me. So, the faster option of hanging out in one of their places and ordering pizza or something fast, and cheap, sounds pretty wonderful. 

But the massive bowls of noodles sound really great too, and I would definitely be fine with that! :) 

on a sidenote, everyone come see Avenue Q December 13th-15th!

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I agree as well, I think it

I agree as well, I think it would be more intimate and a lot more special with an ending to our adventures in Anne's home. As for food, I think pizza is fine and everything but I think it would make things more interesting if we tried something exotic and different...something that we don't always tend to have. We would be in a sense, be playing with food. So maybe like a pot luck? What do you think?

Also, the times work for me on that Sunday. 

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I agree that seeing Anne's and Mark's 'natural habitats' would be fun. Also, since we're such a large group, it'll be much easier to mingle and hang out all together in a home environment than at a large, round or square table in a crowded restaurant. I don't have much of an idea about food and all that jazz, but in terms of socialising and being in one place together, an house setting would be more manageable.

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Meet-up Plan

The noodle place does sound good, and I love food (especially when it's advertised as "massive"), but I also think it could be fun to stalk Mark and Anne in their natural habitats. Or maybe just use that option as our first fall-back in case the restaurant can't handle a party as large as ours.

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While both Anne and Mark's houses sound interesting, the noodle place sounds delicious. It is, however, worth noting that they only accept cash and checks; people need to bring money to cover that.

Either time frame works well for me, so long as we are leaving by 6, and not too much later than that.

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Noodle Place

Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle looks and sounds amazing. Here is their website:

I agree that reservations would need to be made- in which case we should narrow down to a specific time. Maybe take into consideration that Bryn Mawr only serves brunch on Sundays when choosing the time.

Any suggestions?

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I think going to the noodle

I think going to the noodle place would be extremely delicious. If we do go for...a very late lunch? A very early dinner? we would need to make reservations, since we're a huge group. If they are not able to seat that many at a time, maybe we could go to one of the places that Grace suggested.

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Noodle Place

iI think Nan Zhou Hand Noodle House sounds great. However, I don't know wether it's big enough cause normally, these restaurant in Chinatown is not that large. There are still many great restaurant in Chinatown such as E Mei, Dim Sum Garden or Zuixianlou(where you can enjoy delicious traditional steam dumplin). Of course, Nan Zhou hand noodle is very delicous! 

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Time is ok for me. I have

Time is ok for me.

I have never been to Nan Zhou Hand Noodle House, but it sounds good! I want to try.

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"$8 for a massive bowl"

"$8 for a massive bowl" sounds amazing! I'd love to go there. Since I'm a vegetarian (and I bet other people in the class are, too), I'd prefer not to go to a cheesesteak truck.

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The Noodle Place

The place is called Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House in Chinatown. It's got good reviews on Yelp and their noodle soups are lovely and at about $8 for a massive bowl.