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medical education for LBGT health

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A student in my Bodies of Injustice class introduced me to a wonderful Canadian resource, HealthJusticeRadio.  Yesterday, they posted a new program about the limited education that medical students receive about LGBT health:

"This week on HJRC we talk gender identity, stigma, “passing” and pronouns with Dr. Carys Massarella. Dr. Massarella is President of the Medical Staff Association at St. Joseph’s hospital. She is a Assistant Clinical Professor in the emergency division at McMaster Medical school. She teaches transgender primary healthcare to students, residents, and family doctors. Dr. Massarella is an outspoken advocate for accessible, and accepting, trans healthcare."

It also includes a link to a recent article published in JAMA.


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Good News for Trans Healthcare!

I found this article on  The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology came out with a public statement encouraging sensitivity and response to the health needs of trans individuals.  Maybe at least in the field of Obstetrics, trans/queer advocacy is making its mark.  Let's hope other professional groups follow suit!