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Horizons: Rethinking Blurred Boundaries

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The original version of my first Web Event is titled "Blurred Boundaries" because on that walk I felt a significant blurring of boundaries of time and ownership of space.  I talk about the lanterns that stand for past, present and future Mawrters, the gateway to the entrance to the Wyndham estate, the pathway between Shipley and Bettwys y Coed and the college property that was mine, but I was not welcome on it unless invited.  I would like to attempt to rewrite some of my web paper in a mode that reflects the blurring, so I'm just going to start writing and see what happens...


                                                                   Now, is then

then is now

                                                                                                               then is now is what will be

                                                                    Midday is now,

but soon is what has been

                                                                                                                but soon is what will be

                                                                and soon is back to now.

The sun is always the same but always different.  The ground is always the ground, but is sometimes a different kind of ground.  Concrete driveways are dirt carriage lanes under my feet.  The wind is the same wind it has always been but different in the air it carries. 

                                                                  Borders are here and now

but weren't

                                                                                                                and won't be

                                                                         and will be again.

Pen y Groes is me and mine, but unwelcome to me. West House is me and mine, but unwelcome to me.  The flame of a lantern is new and old and future.  It is and has been and will be.  It is eternal, no need to qualify. What is that space or point where the light meets the darkness? Is it shadow? Where old is new again and will be? Where light meets the darkness, where bounded space is unbounded and rebound? Is horizon the proper word? The place where sky meets the ocean waters is the horizon, where land meets sky or rising sun. The horizon. WHich is not a boundary, but the welding of two entities for a time. The combination of



                                                                                                                           what will be

is horizon.



So, as for genre. I believe my original web event was written in a more observational tone.  This is certainly more poetic...