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Sol LeWitt

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“…while conceptual art uses its own logical strategies for execution, “conceptual art is not necessarily logical…””

Linked to movements such as minimalism and conceptualism, Sol LeWitt was an influential American artist. He painted or sculpted basic shapes, playing with lines and color combinations. He is most famous for his wall paintings, where his work is actually painted onto the walls of the museum. Over his career he made over 1,200 drawings and paintings. I found a lot of time-lapse videos of his work being installed: As you can see, many people work on each painting, according to LeWitt's plan. This technique of providing instructions to carry out his idea is his connection to Flanagan's concept of critical play. She writes "For Lewitt, art making-as-instruction was a performative game with concrete rules and outcomes." These "rule-drivin visual works" are the product of many artists completing his instructions in a way that Flanagan considers to be critical play. Every time the work is completed, it changes a little bit. His work has been compared to musical compositions because his original score stays the same, but it can sound different every time.

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