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sorry about the image quality, I've been having a hard time loading my pictures.  I'll bring it to class but until then, a description will have to do.  As we were walking through the city, I became really enamoured of all of the different doors, so I ended up splicing them together into one big mosaic.  I particularly enjoyed the doors that seemed out of place (ie the ones that were in the middle of mosaics), and the disguised doors hidden my their surroundings.

(PS sorry this is so late, the website crashed,, and I didn't get the chance to upload before class this morning)


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Claire's mosaic is about

Claire's mosaic is about doors.She took photos of some cute :) doors during the trip in Philly. She put these photos in this zigzag shape because she wanted to make a color spectrum....There are also a cat's photos on her mosaic, sshe said she did that because she likes cats and that cat was nice haha~ I think claire's mosaic is very special, becuase it is made out of doors. It shows me how mosaic of different people can vary. We 27 students went to the sam place. I made my mosaic out of Magic Garden, and she made hers out of doors!!