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My pre-class song suggestion is Lady Gaga's "Yoü And I" because Gaga plays both the lead male and female romantic interest in the song, playing with gender identity. In addition, the male persona, named "Jo Calderone" is how she chose to attend/perform at the VMAs. Does this example of "gender play" speak to you? Do you feel like Gaga is doing something useful and thought-provoking here, or just attention-mongering? Does her performance lend support to or mock the many people for whom gender performance is a very real aspect of daily life?

Here's the music video.

Here's an article about her decision to "be" Jo Calderone at the VMAs.

And here's a link to the lyrics, which offer some interesting moments for gendered analysis as well, including: "There’s only three men that Imma serve my whole life/It’s my daddy and Nebraska and Jesus Christ"

Finally, here's the wikipedia entry about the song, which explains more about the background (Gaga has said that it refers to her former relationship with Lüc Carl).


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As much as I love performance

As much as I love performance art, I feel like nothing Lady Gaga does either impresses nor surprises me anymore. As countless people have said, so much of what she's done has already been done before. I'm just vageuly amused that she has been able to sustain a character and a career that's completely centered around fame and attention.

Similarly to You and I: this video from IAMX and Imogen Heap features them both in drag, and I just find it more interesting.