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I use several photos of this trip, some key words, and some part of my wall pappers of my phone to create this mosaic. The combination of those element can express my mood and feeling during the trip.


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Yijing's mosaic is made up of

Yijing's mosaic is made up of pictures of the Magic Gardens mixed in with other important things in her life. Altogether it describes how she feels about the world around her. Imagination is very important in the mosaic, and all things relate to it somehow. For example, the picture on the bottom right is from the movie Up. It shows a lot of imagination and how imagination can lift you up. The words written on the mosaic (mosaic, magic, art, imagination) are the things that came to her mind when she made the mosaic. The mosaic gives an insight into her state of mind when she was viewing the garden. It consists of everything that seemed important to her at the time.