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Introducing Natalie

natschall's picture

I'll be the first to point out that, yes, I am overly pregnant in my avatar. But don't worry, I don't actually have a child stowed away in my dorm room. This picture is of me trying on a costume for the one act play that I directed and acted in in the spring of my senior year. Though it may not be the most accurate picture of me (or how I would proportionally look if I was actually pregant), it is one of my favorites. Every time I see it, I'm reminded of how absolutely happy I was for those few months.

My username is not as interesting-- it's just the nickname those closest to me use with my last name added on. (I had to have my last name because, to most people from my high school, I'm a "two name person". Almost never would you hear me being referred to as simply 'Natalie'. It was 'Natalie Schall', or I would think they were talking to a different Natalie.)