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running the risk of distraction

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Directly relevant to the conversation we had early last week about running the risk of adding unrelated distractions into our papers: see y'day's NYTimes article about Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction. Would love to here some testimonies from you all re: the questions raised here about your re-wired brains...


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I feel as though there are

I feel as though there are some technologies that keep a student focused while there are some that simply do not. In my education class, my professor makes us tweet, blog, and wallwish (where we post sticky notes, videos, and etc. re:the readings for his class). I think these are very helpful because they help us expand more on our ideas regarding gender, sex and education, but they also help us learn more about what is going on these field in the real world. Texting and other networking sites that are not used for such benefits, are not at all useful for a classroom. Not to say that they are not useful at all, but they are not for  a classroom setting.

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