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I grew up with openminded parents but I went to conservative schools in middle school and high school. Bryn Mawr was the first place where I got to see people of different genders being a major part of the community. I found Kathy Acker's essay "Seeing Gender" very informative. I do believe in the spectrum but I didn't realize until we talked about it in class that labels in regards to different types of genders are constricting and incorrect. I don't think people should have to define themselves using a term. Gender is fluid and people should  be allowed and encouraged to not stay in the Male-Female categories and find themselves. I found My Gender Workbook very interesting in that way, when Bornstein talks about herself and her partner switching genders. When we put terms onto people, even when it is done in a supportive way, it can make it harder to have the freedom to change and find themselves. Using terms can make understanding easier but it puts people in boxes. When you think of someone in a defined category you aren't giving them the opportunity to grow and change.