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The Effect of Video Games on the Brain

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Biology 202
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The Effect of Video Games on the Brain

Eleni Kardaras

The effect of video games on the brain is a research area gaining popularity as the percentage of children and adults who play video games is on the rise. Some people believe violence in video games and in other media promotes violent behavior among viewers. While there is not sufficient data to validate this claim, there are a number of studies showing that video games can increase aggressive behavior and emotional outbursts, and decrease inhibitions. From a few of these studies, and from my own observations of children playing video games, it is quite obvious that the video games do have at least some effect on the behavior of the player. The extent and long range consequences of these behavior changes after one has turned off the video game are not so easily deduced. One source states that "While research on video games and aggressive behavior must be considered preliminary, it may be reasonably inferred from the more than 1,000 reports and studies on television violence that video game violence may also contribute to aggressive behavior and desensitization to violence" (1). Another study reports that "Hostility was increased both in subjects playing a highly aggressive video game and those playing a mildly aggressive video game. Subjects who had played the high-aggression game were significantly more anxious than other subjects" (2).

I had a chance to observe the effects of video games first hand on two boys, ages eight and ten, when I babysat them earlier in the semester. They were playing the video game "Mario Cart," which is really not a very violent game; the object is to win a car race by coming in first while maneuvering through different courses. When the younger brother won, the older brother got up and started kicking him and yelling insults! Later on that day, the younger brother was playing another video game by himself and when he could not beat the level, he threw down the controller and screamed at the t.v. screen, "Why are you doing this to me...?!" and burst into tears. I was very shocked by this reaction and was not quite sure how to handle the situation. This game had brought an eight year old boy to tears, right in front of me. "Certainly, video games can make some people go nuts. You just have to look at some enthusiasts playing video games on their cellular phones, mumbling to themselves heatedly even though others are around them. At game centers (penny arcades), frustrated people punch or kick game machines without regard to making a spectacle of themselves" (3). From the above descriptions, it seems that players get somewhat "sucked" into the video game and become oblivious to their surroundings and much less inhibited to share their emotions. What types of changes are occurring in the brain to activate this behavior which one exhibits when "sucked" into a video game?

Akio Mori, a professor at Tokyo's Nihon University, conducted a recent study observing the effects of video games on brain activity. He divided 260 people into three groups: those who rarely played video games, those who played between 1 and 3 hours three to four times a week, and those who played 2 to 7 hours each day. He then monitored "the beta waves that indicate liveliness and degree of tension in the prefrontal region of the brain, and alpha waves, which often appear when the brain is resting" (4). The results showed a higher decrease of beta waves the more one played video games. "Beta wave activity in people in the [highest amount of video game playing] was constantly near zero, even when they weren't playing, showing that they hardly used the prefrontal regions of their brains. Many of the people in this group told researchers that they got angry easily, couldn't concentrate, and had trouble associating with friends" (4). This suggests two important points. One, that the decrease of beta wave activity and usage of the prefrontal region of the brain may correlate with the aggressive behavior, and two, that the decrease of beta waves continued after the video game was turned off, implying a lasting effect. Another study found similar results and reported: "Youths who are heavy gamers can end up with 'video-game brain,' in which key parts of the frontal region of their brain become chronically underused, altering moods" (5). This study also asserts that a lack of use of the frontal brain, contributed by video games, can change moods and could account for aggressive and reclusive behavior. An important question arises: if the brain is so impacted by video games as to create behavioral changes, must that mean that the brain perceives the games as real?

Perhaps looking at what effects video games have on autonomic nerves can begin to answer that question. "'Many video games stir up tension and a feeling of fear, and there is a very real concern that this could have a long-term effect on the autonomic nerves,' Mori commented" (6). Autonomic nerves are those connected with involuntary internal organ processes, such as breathing and heart rate. "Heart rate can be altered by electrical signals from emotional centers in the brain or by signals from the chemical messengers called epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine. These hormones are released from the adrenal glands in response to danger..." (7). Multiple studies have reported that playing video games can significantly increase heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen consumption. If studies show that heart rate is increased when playing video games, then it seems that the brain is responding to the video game as if the body is in real danger. Does repeated exposure to this "false" sense of danger have an effect on what the brain then perceives as real danger?

From the above studies and observations, video games do effect the players in some ways, since it appears that players get so wrapped up in the game that they forget their surroundings and begin to see the game as a real quest. Studies have shown that playing video games can increase heart rate and blood pressure, as well as decrease prefrontal lobe activity while the person is playing the game. This could account for changes in the player's mood and cause him or her to become more aggressive or emotional. However, the extent of these effects on the body once video game playing has ceased are preliminary and need to be confirmed.



1)Mediascope website, highlights data from various scientific studies concerning video games.

2)Mediascope website, violent video games causing aggression.

3)Japan Today News website, an interesting news site and discussion board.

4)Mega Games website, a hardcore gaming site, including cheats, demos, and facts.

5)Beliefnet website, centers around spiritual, religious, and moral issues.

6)Sunday Herald online, a news resource.

7) Freeman, Scott. Biological Systems. New Jersey: Prentice Hall Inc., 2002.



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01/19/2006, from a Reader on the Web

If you have evidence of video games causing some form of harm to anyone, then who should be blamed. Or what action, in any, should be taken? personaly, i play video games 2-3 hours a day, and i am a nice kid. i do well in school and i don't let anyone push me around. i think it is the kids who base their life on video games and have low self-esteam are what people see in the news today. And it is not all video games, it is the one's that are rated "mature" that parents are getting for their kids. i think it is the parents fault in some way at least. thank you for your comments and i hope you thank mine. sincearly, "Ivan"


Additional comments made prior to 2007
Hello, Id like to be living proof that video game addiction can be very real, I have been a addicted video game since the age of 3 years old, and also unfortunatly I had a neglectful Mother who didnt bother teaching me moderation, and infact she told me as I was young "go play your game!" because it was keeping me quite, little did she know I was Video game obsessed, Now I'm the exact opposite of Ivan, I do let people guide me, and that is because I simply do not have Control over what I do, Iam sure my frontal lobe has been very stunted because I was a very chronic abuser of these video games, for instance, I cannot do forward planning, I am a very poor organizer, and basically I have no will to live because I know That this damage is permanent. I find it impossible to make conversations...I also have a lack of a personality...this is the reason I dropped out of school...If my story interestes you plz send me an email, PLEASE it feels like I have no guidence, people can say its A.D.D but I find it to be much worse ... Mathieu Perreault, 22 March 2006



I agree with Ivan, although I tend to play more than he does. While there are some problems with playing video games there are benefits of playing them as well, such as; better hand eye cordination, tend to think faster, quicker, and others i dont remeber at this time ... Jake, 18 April 2006



personally i feel the same way im 11 and i full heartedlly support your opionon ... Jelanie Hill, 21 September 2006


Change in attitude and reaction cannot be considered an effect on the brain from video-games. The attitude that one shows when he/she loses in a video-game, is a natural reaction that he/she personally has to change. This attitude is represented in almost everything you would consider a game. It's called poor-sportsmanship. Many people take losing pretty hard and find creative ways to express their frustration. Trash talking during a video-game, is no different than trash talking in any other game. You can't blame video-games for the physical reaction either. If a poor-sport played a game of basketball, he/she would get all of it's frustration out on their opponent, because basketball is a contact game. In a video-game, the physical activity is only limited to the hands, so they can't get it all out. This behavior is, again, result of poor sportsmanship.

Video-games are an easy thing to blame for people's personal problems. You can't base a judgement on an observation that could be the result of almost anything. Point Proven? ... Mrey, 2 November 2006



After playing videogames 2-3 hours I experience drastic mood swings. So I cut down. thanks for opening my eyes ... Aaron Smith, 10 January 2007



i think that video gaMES ARE blamed 2 much kid make there own choices , id know i am one . life gives you problumes some deal with it difrently ... Erik, 23 January 2007



thanks to serendip, i was able to find plenty of research to back up my science fair project!! ... Bob, 1 February 2007


Over 50 percent of the populations kids regularly play video games.

Every now and then one person does something stupid like kill somebody and the blame instantly goes to video games because "They cause violence."

No one thinks of the bad parenting or bullies and such at school but because they have played video games, that is what caused it.

Let me take for example Columbine, a tragic event to many a person but the blame was instantly pinned on the fact they played DOOM the video game.

No one thought about the parents that let all the planning and weapons go on in there own house.

People should stop assuming every violent act a kid does is based on a video game ... Jordan, 16 February 2007



Same here. Lol, and I think it can also stimulate your brian. My friend's did a science fair project about this and the results showed that they did better on a math test after playing a video game ... Zane, 20 February 2007



Hi my name is Pamela and what you said about how violent games affect people is like my brother he plays video games for 3 hours and then after that if someone talks to him he will hit you or something like that ... Pamela, 4 May 2007



I do know that there are specific incidents where people are sucked into a game, and are mad when they don't win. I strongly belive that kids can play video games such as "Halo" and "Shadowrun" and still be nice. I have spent this summer playing video games, somewhere between 3-5 hours each day. Yes, there were some times where I outbust in anger, but only when I was thinking about how much time I spent on this game, and lost. So I went and beat on a pillow. I started taking bike rides in the middle, which, in the end, took my mind off things, and so I could return and play calmly. I am going to enter the Denver Metro Science Fair this year with a project relating to this. I wish this website the best of success ... Jon Zulanas, 11 August 2007



i agree with the former person. video games don't really result in violent behavior. it is the parents fault sometimes. when they but their kid a game that has intense violence and gore and language the child might get messed up ... Japlowsky, 23 October 2007



8 year olds who scream and yell at a screen obviously has another problem than just video game rage which no one wants to point out that video games don't cause rage its that people get too involved ... David, 1 November 2007



Your report on video games is heavily flawed. I'm sorry. One thing, it's not the kids fault. It's the parents buying M Rated games for four year olds. It's true, my cousin has done it for his little boy. And the violence is just bad sportsmanship. That's heavily common. And for "Penny Arcades". Arcades have been dead since the late 90's. There are only a few places in a state that actually have arcades with GOOD arcade games. And can you really blame the kid for getting mad? Throwing down a week's allowance worth of quarters, almost getting to the end of a game to see the ending, and then dying? It sucks, it really does. No one can be blamed for that. And why do you act like gamers are mindless zombies, slaves to the game? Us respectable gamers don't just sit there drooling in front of the TV. Most gamers don't. And hell, anyone gets mad after dying in a level 50 times. But you know what we do? We get ticked, sware softly to ourselves, and realize the best course of action is to turn the game off, and walk away. You mention too much of studies too. Studies aren't always right, and most studies just waste money. Did you know the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house? Well, yeah. Electrical appliances, razors, scissors... Just because something has been studied, doesn't make it true. In short, you tried really hard, I can see that, but you have to take in the factors of parenting, and how behaved the child is. You focused more on the trivial ideas more then the basic ones ... Sam, 15 November 2007



Hi there. I'm essentially a lifetime gamer, and I used to play as much as I possibly could in my free time. What you're saying correlates fairly well with my experience, low self-esteem, anxiety, and latent aggression. However, I'm not really like that any more, and not because I've stopped playing games. The people I came into contact with while growing up changed me, and my behaviors. So now I still play games, but at a far less rate than I did (yay for jobs). The point I wish to bring up is that I don't think it's video games especially that are bad for people, but the way they are reacted to. Granted, they lower Beta waves and raise Alpha waves, but who says that can't be changed by interaction with people and actually using the brain for thinking/working? I also wonder if it's the change in video games from the past and the video games today. Video games have indeed been dumbed down, and are made to feel more life-like. I mean, I played Dig Dug, but I don't think that had much effect on my brain waves, unless of course in the regard that it required me to think and plan where to go next... But yes, I do agree that video games, like television and everything else, should be used with moderation and not wholesale commitment to them ... Scott, 24 November 2007



my view is that there are both positive and negative spins to this argument. I play vidoe games alot a few hours a day and it does not seem to have any negative effects on me. infact i feel it helps me vent anger not cuase it. say im mad i might pop on my Wii and play a few levels on a game, after that i feel alot better. another thing, the computer/console games i play have greatly helped me on my hand i caurdanation skills, i feel because of vidoe games i can type better, and actualy make contact with a golf ball. and one final thing i must stress what i notice is that when i get angy at a vidoe game once the game is off i imediditly feel better ... Mathew Giso, 6 December 2007


PHONY Nooma PHONY's picture


Peoples life's can result in addiction to video games. Some people say that video games improve hand-eye coordination (which I personally believe is true), but the truth is, the bad outweighs the good. First off, most of the people who have admitted being a video game addict both say something bad has happened and misspelled most of their words.

Gamingmichu's picture

Hand-eye coordination is not

Hand-eye coordination is not the only thing that video games can improve. People like you for instance, only talk bad about video games because all you hear about video games are the negative aspects about it. Like when radio and TV came out, all people did was talk bad about it. And now, every one has learned to like radio and TV and respect it for the means of communication that it stands for.

However, if you take your time to look into what good video games have, I can tell you that there's MORE good than bad. Violence and addiction cannot be attributed solely to video gaming. However, faster reflexes, good orientation, better logic development, creative problem and solving, and many other things, can be. On top of that, video games if used as a mean to educate, would probably be the most entertaining way to learn pretty much any subject.

Did you know that you learn more if you're having fun? Think about it. If a video game can be used to educate, it would reform the whole world's view in schooling.

If you investigate about video games, many people that see that good in them say that Video Games are the perfect discipline, since it requires of pretty much every type of discipline to make a good video game, and whatever it doesnt require can be incorporated theme wise within the video game.

I've played video games my entire life and I'm a normal person, with lots of friends, just as intelligent as any one else, and i can assure you that the majority of the people that play video games, are far more intelligent than the people who dont. Of course, there are exceptions to everything...

John Smith's picture

Video Games Early In The 'Morn

As far as i can tell, video games don't affect you or your judgement whether you play them at 5:00 or 8:00 in the morning, rather than the time that passes after you wake up. After half an hour of getting ready for the day, you should be woken up enough to be able to play "normally." Am i right?

Serendip Visitor's picture

Its not video games fault

Its not video games fault whether u react violently at it, or if u get bad grades, or even if you are socially incompetent. Honestly, it all comes down to WHO you are, and what experiences in your life made you react that way. Video games, are just a form of entertainment, like TV for instance. Yet no1 thinks bad about TV, evntho all it shows nowadays is violence and sex.

Tv in my opinion, is probably the worst form of entertainment available, cuz all you're doing is either sitting or laying down, doing absolutely nothing... Video games, on the other hand, is making you use your head... you cannot play video games the same way you do while ur watching TV. And on top of that, it keeps ur focus on edge, since u have to be paying attention to every little detail. Video games, also improve your logic skills, and if you're a person that plays online video games, and you're dealing with ppl most of the time, you'll notice that it also improve skills in leadership.

In addition to that, video games is pretty much the only form of entertainment that makes you use all of ur mind and knowledge. It makes you form strategies to help you advance in the game, things that a person that doesnt play video games, rarely does. On top of that, video games nowadays focus on group work as well as individual achievment, which you'll rarely find in any other type of game.

Moreover than that, video games are advancing each day as we speak, finding ways to challenge its players more and more, and at the same time, to find ways to incorporate physical use of your body in order to play. Once they do that, believe me, nothing will be better than playing a video game.

And if you haven't noticed, the huge mayority of people that play video games, are generally smarter than every1 else. I dont attribute that particularly to video games, but that's the truth nonetheless.

So yes, video games might have their drawbacks, like addiction for instance, but again, it all comes down to who you are. If your a person that generally gets addicted easily, its very probable that once you find out how immersive video games can be, that you'll become addicted to it. Yet that doesnt mean that every single person is going to be addicted to video games just because they got in contact with one.

Serendip Visitor's picture

The article's reference to

The article's reference to the two boys the writer babysat -
1. In the first instance, of one child attacking the other on loosing, would have happened if these children had been playing a heated board-game. It is not the fault of computer games.
2. The second instance, of the child's frustration on loosing, would have occurred with a solo physical puzzle game. This is not the fault of computer games either.

However, the findings of the studies seem more solid.

A further point:
"'Many video games stir up tension and a feeling of fear, and there is a very real concern that this could have a long-term effect on the autonomic nerves,' Mori commented."
This isn't just for computer games; this is for anything that causes stress for extended periods - such as highly negative parents who are never satisfied by what a child does and are always finding fault, and the child is always 'looking over their shoulder' for when the parents will pick on them next, over something, anything.

Padraig's picture

This is all absolute nonsense.

They had beta waves sustained in heavy videogame players, something which might be taking the very first steps towards making a scientific analysis. Then they use the NOTORIOUSLY unreliable subjective response of the subjects, they don't even control for confounding factors, and then they seamlessly infer that beta waves must show aggression and that this is why videogamers experience beta waves.

With television it was the alpha waves that were bad. The alpha waves that were going to turn people into vegetables. What I don't understand is how anyone could be so STUPID as to print this study.

This article proves one thing... many of these "scientists" are complete idiots who have almost no brain activity at all!!!

Serendip Visitor's picture

I agree that these studies

I agree that these studies may not be as accurate as they appear - particulary as the scientists conducting them would have started out with either an expectation that this "should" be the result, or believing that "comptuer games are bad for you" and are really just looking for some evidence to prove it.

As to people saying that about television, I have no doubt their forefathers said the same thing about radio (people certainly said that it was destroying society, people were spending more time alone, etc.), and about the gramophone before that.

admin's picture


Scientists don't call other scientists "stupid," eh?
Zeth M.'s picture

you all are naive and ignorant

Almost everyone on here has had their argument that video games are either bad for you or good for you, i saw its both. With human nature everyones different, not 1 person will have the same effect as everyone else when it comes to losing or winning at video games. When i lose it just makes me want to do something about it and keep pushing myself to win, that the way i do things in life. When i win it makes me look for the next level or next challenge thats going to make me lose. It's like boxing or mma you cannot expect to put on gloves for the first time and kick everyones ass, that just wont happen, somewhere down the road you need to get your ass kick for the experience. Same with video games, its kind of a matter on how your brought up or the setting your in... just my thought.. Zeth 17 ukiah california

wendy's picture


thanks for posting such a very informative article.

Josh Barber's picture

If this is to be true...

Is it permanently damaging to the prefrontal lobe? Because as stated "long lasting effects" seems to be a little vague.

Mouayyad's picture

i am playing video games for 24/7 hours

I am playing a lot of games from a Nintendo 64 to a PS3. I dont sleep much my grades are somewhat bad i dont blame video games its my fault i hate school and studying. video games can help you with your social life because modern people play many video games so you can talk about many stuff.i am a very good person not violent at all. so no video games r not making you violent. (plzzz reply because i have a debate about violence and media about any topics like commercials ....
its boys against girls boys say it doesn't affect you so plzzzzzz help and reply)

Adrian's picture

Video games

Sir, I presume you have already lost this class discussion. Let me briefly explain why in a simple question that you must answer to understand the reason why you lost. Why do you think video games are not at fault for your imperfect grades, lack of sleep, and your very stupid hatred of school and studying. And do you really believe video games is the top conversation topic in the whole world, or of the average social gathering? Quite ignorant, your opinion is.

Serendip Visitor's picture

Actually, Adrian, are the one

Actually, Adrian, are the one who has shown your arrogance and ignorance.
You have made the sweeping generalisation that "imperfect grades, lack of sleep, and...hatred of school and studying" must be caused by computer gaming, rather than realising that these - and heavy comptuer gaming - may be the SYMPTOMs of something else. Such as: bullying at school, parental abuse, abuse by siblings, bullying by teachers (yes, it happens), etc.

Computer game playing is often an escape from a heavy-stress life.
This important fact - that people under stress need a realise - is usually most ignored by the people who are the head bully in their own class/workplace, and so have got rid of their stress by tomenting others and then telling them "it's all your fault - you're inferior".

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Apple juice is good for the brain. 2+2=4. Spiders have 8 legs. The smartest person on Earth is Steven Hawking. Jonathon likes Spongebob.Patrick Star is pink.

Serendip Visitor's picture

naw ur wrong

i dont get mad at video games but i will if i get noob tubed that makes me frustrated

Krond's picture

4-8 hours a day. perfectly

4-8 hours a day. perfectly fine.

Serendip Visitor's picture

The gaming industry should

The gaming industry should not be held accountable for tht effects role playing games have on children its the parents.

Franco Gonzalez's picture

What I think about games

I also think that games should'nt be blamed just because people are killing other people and either the media or some witnesses say its the video games that made him/her go on rampage and killed someone,it's actually not true some people just have problems and they play video games just so they can clear their minds even me and I'm 14 and I've been playing these games for some time and I have'nt killed anyone or get angry sure sometimes you get annoyed but it does'nt mean that is the game's fault people just need to know how to lose and control their emotions.

Serendip Visitor's picture


Monden Warfare Black Ops, has enslaved 4 billion people, and it came out only a few months old! 3.5 billion people at a time are playing! Saying bad behavour is tied to video games, no. Saying they long term kill the world, yes. I rest my case.

Bob sohan's picture

idk what it is but i think

idk what it is but i think its video games. whenever i finish playing them i feel weird. like everything around me is too clear and that somethings wrong with me. idk you think its from playing video games too much? i also get a wierd feeeling in my stomach like im hyper and i start thinking things to myself. is it from video games?

Serendip Visitor 34's picture

Why does everyone blame

Why does everyone blame everything on video games! Your all mental to even think that!

NurseNatasha's picture

Won't Buy Video Game Systems Ever!!

I know that there is scientific evidence that proves that video games kill brain cells due to overstimulation. I also noticed that many of the people who left comments above misspelled some very simple words. Maybe their parents should be limiting their video game time or how about this: do things with them together, like playing board or card games. Family time is something that kids will carry with them throughout their lives. Sensorship is also very important. Parents need to stop giving in to their kids every desire, and step up and do some damn parenting. I have a four year old little girl, and I will never buy her video games. I know that watching TV and using her little VTech laptop also can kill brain cells, so I limit her TV watching and prefer for her to play with the laptop. The laptop teaches her how to spell and therefore stimulates her to learn basic skills that will help her throughout her entire life. Kids can't buy the game systems for themselves, so the adults in their lives need to ask themselves why their kids aren't getting straight A's in school.

Serendip Visitor's picture

Chances are, they were just

Chances are, they were just typing really fast and didn't think about spell-checking

Myles M.'s picture

My Response

Hi, I played video games 24/ 7 throughout high school and 'still' managed to attain A's. Not all gamers give up on school and develop a stronger relationship with their console. It is merely how the child reacts to the game.

I strongly believe that a child resorts to video games because he/ she receives more attention through the game than received by his/ her loved ones. This was not the case for me, but I have witnessed, at first hand, students who skip classes to play Halo 3 simply because the game gives them comfort. I am in University now looking to retrieve a Ph.D. in a sub-field of Neuroscience.

A laptop does not teach a kid how to spell, it corrects a kid's spelling and the kid subconsciously complies. Don't be so biased.

Mr. K's picture

A-fucking-plus, friend. Good

A-fucking-plus, friend. Good to see some other logic minded people on the superhighway of the 2nd generation idiot box. I generally think, from what I observe, that parenting has gone the way of most extinct animals. I think humanity as a whole lost something about 50 years ago. Then again, maybe we never had it. The brightest people I've met in my life are generally people who've raised themselves. And it seems to me that many of these people involved themselves in the same brainwashing, suggestive activities as everyone else, the difference being, that for some reason they weren't affected. Their minds remained greatly unchanged. I can only offer conjecture on the reasons but I really do wonder why that happens. You think maybe it's just the individuals chemical makeup? A result of nature over nurture? Because as I see if...many of these people come from the same types of upbringings and backgrounds as serial killers, and various other criminals do.

That1Gui's picture

Okay! I am life-time gamer.

Okay! I am life-time gamer. You, sir are an idiot! Leaving comments, without proper punctiation, and grammer, and meaning that some one plays video games is just stupid. Kids who want video games have to please their parents, which is manipulation on their part, I use to do it. I use to get straight A's, just to get the next game that had just come out. I think that video games, cannot cause aggresion, because losing in a game, or anything, cause anger. It is human instinct to have a bit aggresion after losing at anything. So please, shut the hell up about how it stimulates your brain cells. Video Games, like anything, is different for everyone. I can only speak for my self, saying that video games, help me relax. Of course playing M-Mature games, can have a negative effect on kids, but that is bad parenting, on their part! Right? Buying a 10 year old a Call of Duty game is just stupid. Not only has their brain not developed, now their brain is being sent a bunch of violence images, which later on will affect him/her later. Thanks Alot.
-Doctor Gamer

Serendip Visitor's picture

oohhh thats what im talking

oohhh thats what im talking about man my parents want me to do stuff around the house FYI i do, but my mom says im a lazy bastard even though i do almost all the work while my sister does nothin even though she does get A's and B's but when i do the house work and the school work all i get is 2 B's 2 C's 2 F's and 1 D and i play games and i admite im a game freak i always solve a problem in games if its broken or a type of riddle anything ill fine a way but i still need some advice from you gamers and nongamers

Serendip Visitor's picture

Video games are bad choices

Yes. As they can have an effect on your mind based on the fact that a majority of games are black and white in their moral structure. You can save or kill them. Stealing is bad, even in a crisis and you should steal a car to go and make a trip to the store when it's 50 steps away. Consider that all it takes is repetition to get an idea to stay in someone's head. Do you really want to see the world this way? I am an avid gamer not just a weekend warrior and I secretly have an urge to steal from a shopping mall. Why? Because I played Thief for many hours and idolized the concept of being a perverted justice. I also have urges to be a vigilante. Because I watched batman and idolized him. You can see the pattern. Even a fictional character can be someone's idol. I'm not saying it's good or bad, just think about the stimuli. We are mere spectators into someone elses story when we play games. We need to look at each other closely and think about how we truly perceive our loved ones as they exist and they are not perfect. Can gamers have the capacity to idolize someone who is far from perfect? When all they see are people achieving the impossible.

Serendip Visitor's picture

violent video games effect on children

A new research on the violent video games effect on children reveals that more than 90 percent of U.S. children among ages eight and 16 play video games, and they usually spend an average of roughly 13 hrs a week doing this. In real life, as a result of violent video games effect on children, the violence degree is way a higher. The children who declared playing a major variety of violent video games from both US and Japan, tended to increase a more aggressive activities soon after in time than their coequals who did not.

check out more on violent video games effect on children

pf1997's picture

why do u care

kids play video games all the time there is not a single thing you can do and it the parents fault u played a videogame for freakin long you should have been locked in a closet im tired of every body videogames make u mad and agressive when u buy the stuff read the label they put it ther for you

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I used to play video games since i was 2. Yes I know, 2. I never really got the grasp of the games then. I played lemmings alot! Then when I turned 6 I played CoD:2 & Halo CE lots. I was pretty good... i thought. then I turned 10. Thats when it started. Halo 3, CoD:4 and Forza 2 Motorsport (Come on. You need a break from Kill, Kill, Kill all the time) and I got ADDICTED. Im 16 now and I don't play CoD any-more. Just Halo: ODST and Reach. Sometimes Forza 3 still.

I don't think video games effect people to kill or steal. Just because they played a video game doesn't men they had the urge to kill, does it? They could have planned an attack. Or saw there victim in the street?

End of.

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I play a good 4-5, maybe more when I can. I have about a 4.5 GPA. Many of the B's were do to small things, like signed report cards and progress reports. I made a 92.4 in Geometry, and a 92.2 in Precalculus. Video games have never made me want to kill someone, they've never made my grades decline, and I've never been addicted. I'm awfully sorry you don't enjoy games, but I love them and I'll continue playing them regardless of what you say, I just thought I'd throw in my opinion.

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awesome site

this is an awesome site on the brain

CRAZY Awesome

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I personally agree and i do

I personally agree and i do think that video games change behavior and emotions of the player, and i have evidence of that because me personally, i play at least 4-5 hours per day, every day and i always sweat while i play a mature rated war and military game called call of duty:modern warfare 2 along with all of the other call of duties. I do tend to behave kind of aggressive when im done Playing. October 26, 2010

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I play videogames 7 or 8

I play videogames 7 or 8 houres a day and im very social out site of video games i also get good grades its not that videogames have negative efects its that people alow themself to be influince by the games and dont difrechiat the game from real life

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Video games were meant to be fun

I have played video game ever since I was a little boy. Let me tell you, you can get addicted off of video games. It takes you into another world and sometimes you do feel a little warped after playing for so long. I admit though sometimes I have called money gold without realizing it and I play at least 12 to 15 hours a week. Bottom line is video games are meant to be a fun activity. Not to be taken literally. They are not for everyone. Especially with people who have mental illnesses and physical conditions that would prevent them to play them. It's really sad that the public would isolate the video game industry blame them for stupid people's mistakes such as killing another human being or committing suicide based off of what they saw in video games. What about other media? television? Movies? Music? Hell even books depict violence and sexual content and they allow it to be shown on t.v or sell in stores. At a certain point we need to take responsibility for our actions instead of passing the buck on. Parents need to be held accountable for their actions as well. Especially when they go out and buy their kids violent games. We as a society have accepted violence as a normal thing. Like i pointed out earlier, video games should only be taken as a fun hobby to kill some free time. People with self-esteem issues should seek help through whatever means such as counseling or therapy. Don't let video games rule your life. Plain and simple.

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Society tells you viedo games are bad

I play video games on week days about 2 hrs a day. On weekends(especially Friday) I play about 3-6 hrs. I am extremely good at video games and usually do better than 9/10 of the people. Though I fail too so when I do I get very angry if stupid things happened. I cuss, I punch the rug, or I just stop playing and chill for a quick minute. I have a history of being aggressive to my teachers and my parents. Though this isn't because of video games. I was abused by my mother when I was younger. If I did bad in school I was punched, kicked, and thrown all over the place. As I got older my mother couldn't hit me as much. I'm 15 and ever since I was 7 Ive played video games. Not until i was 12 did my video game addiction sky rocket. I love to play games because there fun and I get to escape the totally fucked up world I live in. The only thing I dont like about them is boiling my blood over mishaps in the game and getting stuck on a game. I get hooked on them and I have to complete every single thing on them or I cant sleep at night. My mother took my entertainment and all the things I enjoyed when I was a child so I hold onto video games with my dear life. I have grown up in discipline and I know I have a addiction. Now I am not a bad person because I play video games. Would you rather have be doing drugs, murdering people, drunk driving and maybe be even killing your son or daughter. I could be going out and impregnating as many women as I can but I'm not. I would much rather not harm anyone and just solely play my game. The people who blame video games are using it as a scape goat. These are the same people who blamed Comics in the 50's to be brain washing our youth. The people bad mouthing people who play video games are the same people who watch pornography, TMZ, violent movies, and reality shoes that crack on other misfortune to make them laugh or make their own self of seem better. This is wrong but the Human kind will always blame something for poisoning the youth which ultimately effects us through war, diseases, genocides, and just the plain trash that we feed into our minds not only buy the video games as they say it, but through every single aspect of our lives. If these people think their lives are so terrible because of video games, go somewhere like Africa, South America, Asia, or Europe. Then you will see that those poor people have it much worst than you do. They'd wish video games were the problem rather than rapists, murders, human traffickers, drug dealers, terrorists, pedophiles, and even natural disasters. People in America doesn't know how good they have it. Video games do not harm our minds it society.

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people blame everything on things that they think are the problem. If one guy goes out and kills someone and he played a vied game Oona its the video games fault. the one at fault are the people with mediocre lives who want to be """"""NORMAL""""""" as they call it. These people want to have a white picket fence and neighbors who say o hi bob or hi Tom. That's the american dream for you. when this is affected they blame the closest thing to blame. Maybe society shouldn't be so quick to judge and then there wouldn't be problems. They blame video gamers when the real problem is just people being people. There will always be violence whether you like it or not and the world is getting to be an uglier place. Just dont blame video games and any-other excuses people have to make themselves feel better.People are very nosy and its time to cut it out.

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society is the prblem they are the ones who make the education system which teaches the people. the society teaches the american dream. i think the american dream should be happily married and have children. the reason "people act like people is because of the info input(education system) and because of that the inflation both parents have to work so they pay attension to there children. and video games do have a subconcious efect

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Video Game Addiction

Hello, my names Chris. I've played video games since I was 4-5 years old but I wouldnt say its an addiction sure you feel warped and you forget your surroundings (to an extent) but you can't blame video games on changing your conversation skills and or personalities. If all you do is play video games and you didn't play outside with your friends or anything I can see why, if you stay at home and play all day then thats the problem being a recluse, it may be due to games or on the person themselves to be afraid. I'm fine with people, going out doing things ect. You just get so used to it, but you can snap out of it you dont have to do it if you tell yourself not to, its not like youre on a drug. Sure it simulates the mind, changes the chemistry even, but I dont see it being that serious you have to do something else like sports and all that to keep you occupied.

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So does sex

Increased heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen consumption? Sounds like the same things that happen when you do a lot of things that are challenging or exhilarating in any kind of way, like running or, I don't know, having sex? All of these things are results of the player actually being exhilarated by the game. I play video games (violent ones) for up to 8 hours every day, and I function just fine in society. I have lots of friends, I don't drink, smoke or take drugs, and I don't house violent thoughts of killing everyone at my school. I get a rush out of playing games, and I keep playing games because I like that rush. Us normal people like to call it adrenaline.

People claiming that gamers react less to violence than others are also, in my opinion, extremely wrong. As I said, I play a lot of video games but I still can't bear to watch horror movies with extreme violence. I cringe at any kind of violence over the "normal" shot or cut in a movie or video game, so I am without a doubt NOT non-responsive to violence.

Finally, I despise the example of the eight and ten-year old boys. An eight-year old screaming and crying over repeatedly trying and failing at something he really wants to do? When I was eight, I wasn't even playing video games and I would still get frustrated and angry when something like that happened to me. I'd scream, I'd kick around me and I'd cry. It's perfectly normal. And the 10-year old boy just sounds like a sore loser to me. I don't have a little brother, but I'm sure that if I did, and he beat me at a game that I (probably) would think myself pretty good at, I'd get angry too.

Don't jump to conclusions over things that a 15-year old can explain to you. If you're really worried about children becoming violent because of video games, I guess you should keep a better eye on them. Regulate their use of games and sit down and talk to them. If they are affected by the games, you should be able to notice it on them if you actually take the time to talk!

Regards, Love Arvidsson

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My opinion on all of this

I think it's really funny because people these days believe everything they see. No offense to those who really are affected by videogames, but even if this is true, people can actually stop when they need to. I think that when some people read this and believe it, their minds can actually make it so that the symptoms are true. It's just like a placebo. When I play videogames I feel more relaxed, not tense or emotional. Those examples of the kids are just natural reactions. No one can tell me that when they lose to someone (especially to someone they feel superior to, like a younger brother), that they don't feel any anger or jealousy. Also, after trying to do something and failing over and over again, I wouldn't blame anyone who gets a little mad.

Why are videogames blamed for crimes? Why aren't violent movies, TV shows, or even books blamed? I think videogames actually yak things OFF of your mind. Some people say that videogames mess up your mind if you play too long. I don't know if those people were talking about physical exposure or if it just slows down your mind. Of course those people let TV be innocent when you don't even have to use any of your brains to use it. Videogames can challenge your mind. If anything, they probably make you smarter. On the other hand, however, I'm tired of people saying that it improves hand-eye coordination. I don't think it's hand-eye coordination they're talking about, maybe it's depth perception because not once have videogames helped me catch a baseball. This article also talked about how videogames ruined your social life. First of all, it's the person who decided never to go outside that ruined his/her social life, with the game as an excuse (not a reason) to stay inside. Second of all, I play a lot of videogames and yet I still have friends. I'm still social and I'm still a normal human being.

For those of you who took offense, I'm sorry but I'm only stating my own opinion. For those of you who truly disagree with me (someone who could actually backup their own arguement), I would like to see your perspective of this. Contact me at "". Don't expect an immediate response.

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Competitive player

I been a competitive gamer like 5 years ago and I know peple REALLY that people get mad as I am a example and I try to not get mad but I do and I can't resist. The feeling of practice,trying all over then when the time is to do so... you get it wrong it feels like wanting to explode, I had never crashed a controller but I had screamed curse words all over.

My personality has changed slowly since like 3 years ago, now I get mad easily while practicing even alone, I am a really social person so in that matter it havent done nothing to me. But the in-game thing I get mad as it can be, then when the game is over, I am mad like 10 or 25 minutes after it, then I am normal. I don't play videogames outside a competitive plane though.

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im more violent than I use to be

ive been playing xbox live on my xbox 360 for about 3 yrs,the 1st and 2nd year of playing xbox live i played it like 24/7 from morning till 5 am in the morning for 2 yrs it was just so addicting and i used to be real sensitive and now im real mean all the time and cripe every1 out.ive also been getting into alot of fights, like if someone calls me a name i just punch them right in the forehead.I cant control myself anymore.I think its from playing all those violent army games like call of duty:4 modern warfare, halo 3, modern warfare 2 and all those other ones.I wish i could do something about it.

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well austin i think you just

well austin i think you just need to get a life first of all,bc anyone who plays video games like that really doesnt have one and you need to get out more too. And dont try to blame your problems on video games bc you should be able to distingush reality from the world of video games and if not you need to watch this show called Hack/sign its a show for people like you.

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I can't believe people blame

I can't believe people blame their personal social skills on video games, if you can't talk to someone properly video games aren't you're main problem. I have been playing video games since I was born. I have great social skills, play drums am active, go to high school and still play video games while holding a part-time job over the duration of the year. There are many pro's and con's toward video games but I am pro video games for my whole life.

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virtual reality is unreal

mmhmmm,most gamers here still think that its ok to play games ridiculously,but i don't understand why to waste thousands of hours on what's virtual?im 20 yrs old,physics student.i was addicted to video games for 5 yrs.i played games for hours,never realised how times passing by,even i forgot my daily routine,had fights with my family and gf.whatever u say or think,games will make you think of them even when u aren't playing,i played prince of persia once,and i used to think of how to climb that wall,or how to reach that rope,or defeat an enemy even while talking to my just possesses you.i lost my grip on my subjects due to it,i would advice any gamer to leave it,coz its virtual,instead do something practical,climb a mountain nearby or go biking as you do in games....

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No, just no

I'm sorry but I've been playing video games since I was three. I do get out of the house but most of the time I like to spend my time playing video games. I have no problems with aggression or blood pressure. Honestly I think you are just trying to make an excuse for bad parenting. Video games have been proven to INCREASE brain activity which is opposed to watching T.V (which makes your brain like a potato there is no activity what so ever when you watch T.V). Anyway the point I'm trying to prove is that maybe it depends on the individual? I have no problem admitting that I like to play games for 12+ hours a day at times but, I am not addicted to video games. People these days need to stop making excuses and see the world for what it really is.

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some people are more

some people are more reseptive to videogames then others