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Last(?) Site sit

mbackus's picture

So, here I am. The last site sit of the semester. And while I'm sitting here I can't help but wonder if this will be the last one of the year? I hope not. I know that I am in complete control of whether or not that continues, but I am in control of a lot of other things that tend to fall by the wayside. Taking a break from the library or my dorm room or whatever other pressures of college that I'm facing has been immeasurably beneficial. Even on this cold, brisk morning I am enjoying the peace and quiet that the moon bench has always provided me with. I will miss it, something I didn't expect myself to be saying at the beginning of the semester. Pulling myself away from everything for a little while every week is a huge relief. My view and perspective of and towards the moon bench has not changed much, but my appreciation of it definitely has. The moon bench is a wonderful site on campus, and it is also a resource. One that I have utilized every week to sit a while and ruminate, and one that I hope to continue to use to take a little break and get some fresh air once and a while.