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So in class today....

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So I loaned my laptop to Anne in class today due to the slight malfunction with broken links, since I was able to access Serendip on my laptop. In doing so, I closed Firefox (due to a multitude of distracting tabs open) and opened up Google Chrome. Scrolling through the talking notes, Anne was talking from the projection screen and seemed amused by an "interesting" typo--"Three Men's Texts." But as the typos continued, I remembered about Jailbreak the Patriarchy.

Jailbreak the Patriarchy is a Google Chrome app that switches any and every gendered pronoun on any and every website. Soooo

  • his --> her
  • patriarchy --> matriarchy
  • woman --> man
  • feminist --> masculist

and my favorite:

Gentleman Gaga

Food for thought at our dinner table.