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Plans for the next set of panels

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We are asking each panel member, of each panel of 9,
to prepare a 3-minute mini-presentation ahead of time,
in which you will introduce yourself,
tell us what group you are representing,
why this group is of interest to GIST,
and how the intersections embedded in GIST have affected your group.

We are asking all 19 audience members to review the list of panelists ahead of time, to come ready w/ some more directed questions to explore more deeply the significance of the groups and their inter-actions, intra-actions and experiences with GIST.

Group One (Monday)
sadie: art students
m.aghazarian: masters of Library and Information Science
APO: facebook users
Franklin20: youtube community
HillaryG: X-Men
shin10681111: video gamers
leamirella: docs @ Lovelace Women's Hospital in Albuquerque
MissArcher2: women who sought late-term abortions from Philadelphia doctor Kermit Gosnell
aybala: US immigrants
rubikscube: contemporary composers

Group Two (Wednesday)
spreston: facebook users
smile: political groups of the young people in the Arab world during the revolutions against their regimes
MSA322: music in Arabic revolutions
jlebouvier: Wampanoags in 1620s
J.Yoo: redditors
Hilary_Brashear: modern US midwives
vgaffney: psychiatrists
kelliott: cyberpunks
cara: inhabitants of Guiyu, China (profoundly affected by e-waste)

Group Three (also Wednesday)
phreNic: Victorian era prostitutes
merlin: the first humans to use tools
fawei: scientists behind the human genome project
kgould: gamers
ekthorp: Nerdfighteria
Marina: deaf community
Oak: Female Science Fiction Writers
Riki: neurotypicals
tiffany: surgeons



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