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Upcoming visit to the high school

lissiem's picture

I'm really excited to visit the high school in a couple of weeks.  We've talked so much about education in class and about different teaching methods such as banking and problem posing.  I hope we get to sit in on classrooms and see what kind of methods they use in their classrooms and how students respond to them.  It'll be interesting comparing the different teaching methods from a liberal arts college to a public urban high school.

To be completely honest, I'm not sure exactly what we'll be doing during our visit to the school.  Will we just be hanging out and talking with students? Or interacting with them in classes? Either way, I hope that I'll be able to form some kind of connection with students at the high school.  It would be really awesome to eventually be able to make a lasting connection, even though I know that won't be feasible in one visit!  I would have looked to have a college student connection when I was in high school.  Since I went to a public school I'll be able to relate to their educational experience, but not in the same way.  Since my public school was in a rural setting, it'll be much different from theirs in an urban, and also because of expected differences in socioeconomic class.  

I'd love to learn about their personal experience in school, how they choose to go to their particular school and what the application process was like for them and how that will shape their future educational decisions.   Even though my experience is different from theirs, I hope it will be relevant. I think we'll have a great time!