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What is the 'Dialogical Mthod of teaching?

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In "What Is The 'Dialogical Method' of Teaching?", a lot fo interesting reasons for dialogical education being a good teaching style, most of which I agree with. But I really wanted to focus my post on specific lines and parts of the text. First I wanted to focus on Isa's point of "if public resources were transferred from the military to education to fund smaller classesm, that would make dialogue easier to have in school" (98). I am not sure if the  way I interpreted this line is the message Ira was trying to convey, but I completely agree with the fact that less money should be going to the military and more should be put in schools. As I mentioned in my earlier posts for Anne's class, a lot of public schools are extremely underfunded and are then expected to perform as well as any other elite school. Making it personal, my high school was one of the schools that was used as an "experiment" to prove that smaller schools will be more beneficial for students. The fact that my school was smaller did help A LOT with the learning experience, only problem was that my school was still underfunded which meant we did not have the adequate materials and resources we needed to excel - leading to the closing down of my school. If some of the funding for the military went into the education system, I believe there would be a huge improvement in schools.

Another great point thas was made was when Paulo expressed his feelings about the word "empowerment". Although my reasoning for not liking this word is different then his, I still appreciate him bringing it up. Looking at it from organization perspective, saying that an institution serves to "empower" the people or youth is assuming that these people have no power within themselves. To me it's underestimating the knowledge and power of those who are being served. You see a lot of organizatins using these words when trying to get funding, and unfortunately these are this is an example of the kind of word that is being used frequently. Language is extremely important and using words like empowering, target zones, udnerperforming, can be derragatory.