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Introducing Apocalipsis, the iPhone Addict.

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It came as a shock to me 5 years ago to realize that I have an addictive personality in regards to my relationship with technology. Although I can speak to my obsession with Tetris and various other forms of technological games, I must admit that the iPhone has become my second layer of skin heightening my senses. Everywhere I go, it goes. The iPhone has not only allowed me to be constantly connected to the world, but it also has become the platform through which I receive instant gratification. It supplies my demands. Although it is sad, I have no sense of direction. Sure, I can remember specific places, but ask me to go left, and sometimes I have to make an L shape with my left hand in order to not move right. Through the use of Apple's constantly evolving iPhone software applications I am able to slowly achieve/ live the quality of life that I enjoy. Simply by accessing the user friendly GPS system, I no longer have to worry about being lost (unless my battery dies...) Now imagine:

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·         Being able to use the internet or text/ call people when you need immediate attention.

·         Being able to live more of a cultured life by enjoying leisurely activities (whether it be reading, watching movies, shopping, playing games, listening to music, and/or reading simple travel directions).

·         Hearing a song on the radio that you really enjoy and being able to find out who sings it, what it's called, and purchasing it for your music library by using a simple application

·         Being able to read/ access your course syllabus/ materials when traveling because you accidently left it in your dorm.

·         Winning those sneakers you wanted on eBay because you could constantly watch bidding, and submit an offer at the last 10 seconds!


I can provide you many examples describing why the iPhone contributes so much to my success, but I think that is unnecessary when I can explain what it helps me drive for; 1- efficiency, and 2- knowledge. Although a person knowing that I have the iPhone increases their expectations of me, in terms of my availability and access to information, I would take that slight limitation any day. Consider this my transition towards ruling the world! Just kidding, but at least I can be a strong "player" in it by having more resources. Think monopoly.


See you in class!


(Bryn Mawr College Senior Sociology Major from Boston)




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