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I am a horrible procrastinator

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My name is Kate Gould, I'm a senior graduating in December of 2011 (medical leave), and I'm a thesis-writing English major.

I like video games and I guess the piece of technology that has been important to my development has been my father's Nintendo. 

From a young age I was inundated with computer games--my father is a mechanical engineer and loves all things tech. I guess by playing the Nintendo (and other games on the PC) since I was three or four, I've never been afraid of technology. It's all something that I want to try--and it's fun. Technology is fun--not scary or intimidating. I taught my mother how to use the computer when I was seven or eight years old. 

And in that way I guess I'm ready to use new technology and try things out in this course. 

Tech is a lens through which I am able to view pieces of myself, of my mind, of my world--and that's all something I want to explore.



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Also, I changed my mind about

Also, I changed my mind about my metaphor in class. I am not like a movie camera. (I think I was trying to channel Vertov's The Man with the Movie Camera for that one.)

I am like a radio. There are days with I can pick up lots of frequencies and signals clearly and, others, when all I receive is white noise. 

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