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Culture & Bio

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I happen to agree with Dennett in that memes are essential for biological evolution.  In order to have biological evolution, we first must have something that instigates this change.  And as we see in our daily-life, culture, or memes, are a very important part in the process of our development.  We see people change because of the culture they have acquired or because of the culture they are developing.  As Dennett states, culture has truly set us, humans, apart from any other species.  We have the ability to evolve in more ways than one, which is incredible but also very much a mystery.  A mystery because we are all individuals with individual thoughts and actions; therefore, there is a very large spectrum for our cultural evolution.  This is why I believe cultural evolution is inherent; it is everywhere, like Darwin's variation.  Culture is everywhere and everywhere it is different. 


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