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Do all creations outgrow their creators?

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 We talked last week about the IBM supercomputer Watson and how despite its being programmed by human programmers, managed to surpass the intelligence of its own creators to win Jeopardy! against two reigning human champions. Thinking how this creation has managed to surpass the capacity of its creators, I got to thinking about humankind's relationship with its own "creator." It makes me cringe to even type out a sentence about humankind having a creator, and this is exactly what fascinates me: have we, like Watson, evolved past the level of needing a creator? I don't know that I personally am even in a position to answer this question, but it seems to me that after a certain point, the notion of Creation is simply a set of emotional training wheels; it comforts us to believe that our lives have a purpose and that someone put us on other for a reason. Like Watson, maybe we're smart enough to do without any outside help.


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Creators and creations

i do agree on something. sure we create things to benefit us or to make things easier, there are certain things that we create to which we hope surpasses us thus making things easier etc. the notion of a creator for us is god obviously, and i at this time doubt we have surpassed him at all, sure we may not need help for certain things but we have such a long way to go to even think of getting on equal terms with our own creator. just saying.

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