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public lives

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Drawing a comparison between House and 1001 Nights feels really strange.  However, just like each story in 1001 Nights seems to function on its own but is in fact tied to the others, episodes of House have episodic "patient of the week" plots, but there are still ongoing plots related to the main characters, and those don't make as much sense of of context.

Anyway, I love House; it's probably the only non-cartoon/American television series I actually follow.  The main reason I like the show has to do with the dynamic of House and Wilson's relationship, and the character of House himself.

I'm a bit behind in episodes since I don't have cable in my room, but this assignment has given me a chance to catch up (for homework!).  There were a lot of things in the "Private Lives" episode that really reminded me of the issues brought up in the first half of our class. For one thing, the blogger was very opposed to self-censoring.  She played up to her audience's expectations of truthfulness, even though she could lie about anything.  I found that atypical of bloggers and people in general.

Also, one quote that was really funny was something the blogger said to her husband: "I hate that you don't have a blog.  I hate that I don't know what you're thinking."  Why couldn't she just talk to her husband?  And why would a blog definitely reflect his true thoughts?  I feel like this episode played up the negative aspects of blogging, since the blogger had such extreme views.  But she still touched upon some valid, positive things, like the sentiment that people never have to be alone because they can connect online.  Still, I thought her character was portrayed somewhat negatively.


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