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Final Performance

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While planning our final performance, MissArcher2, MSA322, rubikscube, and I, thought back to the beginning of this course and the challenge we were presented with of creating an open dialogue by allowing others to speak and accepting that others may say an idea we had first. We decided to lead an interactive exercise with the class that demonstrated this process.

In this exercise everyone closed their eyes and tried to count to 10 collectively as a group. If any two people spoke at the same time, the game wool start over again at 1. It was interesting to see what patterns arose from the exercise, and why people chose to call out numbers when they did or remain silent. Our group was surprised at how quickly the class was able to complete the exercise.

During the process of planning for our performance we felt that other themes that we discussed in the class were also relevant in the game. For instance, the ideas of collective thinking and larger patterns appearing from simple interactions among individuals.



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