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coded windows

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 In the film and in our readings one theme kept reappearing, the quest for greater transparency in the exchange of information.  Each new form of communication comes with the promise of less filtering through experts and greater access to aggregate data and facts.  The internet seems to fulfill that promise.  We disassemble the world around us into disconnected facts and images and make them searchable.  But ultimately, to sift through the amount of information, to make meaning of it, we must rely on new filters.  New filters would include individual search criteria, a primary site that gathers and presents you with information it thinks you want, or another person's summary.  As we have all become more savvy at recognizing the traditional filters of information such as, experts, religion, government, it is easy to look at the internet as a transparent window.  When in fact it may be more like a lens, you can see through it, but how you see it has been affected.



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