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High School Visit Thoughts

gfeliz's picture

I’m not quite sure if I am more nervous or excited to visit the high school in a few weeks. One of the reasons why I am a little bit nervous is because I do not know what to expect. I am just very curious to compare how different or indifferent public school educations can be from private school educations. Within public school educations there are so many sub-categories; there are the public schools that require admission through applications, there are public schools that require a test to be taken, etc.

Being that I went to a small private school 45 minutes right outside of Philadelphia, I became very sheltered from the “outside world.” I have no idea what it would be like to go to a public high school in Philadelphia, or a public school anywhere else for that matter. I find myself a bit oblivious and isolated by having lived in the suburbs right outside of Philadelphia. I never know what it is like or what it could be like to live in the city of Philadelphia. I want to learn about the experiences of the students at the high school. I think that this trip will be very helpful to think differently about the discussions we have had in class.