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aybala50, kelliott, jlebouvier class post

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 1) The SRA's both inject and drink human sperm 

2) They have the power to completely change the stock market with the wave of their hand 

3) Human men are infected by a computer virus after sexual contact with SRA, resulting in a barcode on their forehead 





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 1) Do the injection and

 1) Do the injection and drinking of sperm mean that the SRA's can die? The reliance on male sperm furthers the idea that women need men to survive. Ruby says she is immortal, but when Marinne passes out because of lack of sperm Ruby is forced to go get more. 

2) Does this also mean they have full control over the virtual world? If they have access to the internet do the SRA's possess the power to access secure information and play around with it? Marinne gets bored so the whole US  loses billions of dollars, how is that ok?

3) Bio-gender warfare! (Julia) I think the men deserve to get infected, they don't know anything about Ruby and were totally willing to have sex with her. Other than that, how did the virtual virus jump from Ruby to the men and exhibit physical symptoms? The literal connection between virtual and human beings is interesting because the virus can be cleared just by cleaning the hard drive.

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