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"Sustaining Bryn Mawr"

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Operating Budget
The operating budget for 2011-12 approved by the Board of Trustees is $95.7 million. It is projected to be in balance for the sixteenth consecutive year.
In 2011, student revenue (tuition, room and board) provided 51% of all revenue, and is the largest revenue source for the College. Students fund roughly half the cost of their Bryn Mawr education. Thirty-nine percent of the College operations are subsidized by philanthropy.

Major Grants to the
College for 2010
• $897,421 from the National
Science Foundation (NSF) for
the Robert Noyce Teacher
Scholarship Program
(Professor Victor Donnay is
the faculty principal
• $735,000 from the Andrew W.
Mellon Foundation for the
Teaching and Learning
• $359,000 from the Andrew W.
Mellon Foundation for the
Mellon Mays Undergraduate
Fellowship Program
• $300,000 from The Albert M.
Greenfield Foundation for The
Albert M. Greenfield Digital
Center for the History of
Women and Higher Education
(see page 13)
• $149,947 from the Teagle
Foundation for the Tri-College
Assessment of Student
• $56,000 from The Pew Center
for Arts and Heritage for the
Khmer Arts Ensemble (see
page 14)

The Mellon Foundation is funded by the investment of its original endowment of Andrew Mellon's aluminum and industrial money.  

The NSF is funded by the federal government.  
The Albert. M. Greenfeld Foundation is also funded by returns on an original investment of Greenfeld's money, which he earned via a chain of retail stores after the great depression.
The Teagle foundation is also funded by an endowment of its founder's money, from petrochemical profits.

The Pew foundation is funded by a 5 billion dollar set of assets that are bolstered by fundraising efforts.

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