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Special Ed Kindergarten Class

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New student visiting! Potential student for next year


Tours with mother than leaves even though plan was for him to stay the morning through snacktime


Teacher said that he is 5 chronologically but “much younger mentally”


Left because he was nervous? Uncomfortable? All of the above?



M. says “he seems nice. I hope he stays” while playing at art table




Morning question: “How are you feeling today?” check marks under excited, tired, or happy




Two teachers talking about “good pairings” – Ms A tells Ms. C that Z and P are not a good paing based on loft activity – “remember when we were talking about good pairings? Z and P are NOT one”




M. gets a ball again

Last observation you asked what kind of ball it was – and it was one of those small plastic ones with spikes on it. They also used these at a known special ed school in DC. What’s interesting is that M. will then pass it to other students when he’s done – it never stays with him, and then the teachers have to take it away from other students.



During morning meeting the teacher points out that there is a “popcorn” word in the sentence and asks a student to come up and point it out. Even after the popcorn word was identified, students continue to point out other words that aren’t popcorn words

Do they just want a turn ;)


Miss N. (head of school) was in the classroom during this part so maybe they just wanted her attention?


Or does something like this happen each time?



Speech Pathologist center activity – making sentences out of pictures using past tense (yesterday)

Some examples of what were said:

-          Woman is grocery storing

-          Putted

-          Were brushing/were raking rather than brushed/raked

-          Her ate her cookie

Language acquisition – overgeneralization. After studying language in psychology, I’ve noticed that the speech delayed 5 year olds make the same overgeneralization mistakes on past tense as 3 year olds are stereotypically expected to.



M., same boy with ball at circle time, gets a transition chart on behavior because he was getting “touchy” or violent with other students during transition between centers




M. seems to be very competitive (as told to me by a teacher) and whenever he is in a group, they need to make sure it is a non-competitive game (ie., today it was the FROG getting the gumballs, rather than the person who was hopping the frog, or a couple weeks ago when it was the snail race)





I knew M. when he was in the preceding preschool and I seem to remember him (possibly incorrectly) as rather quiet and polite. Now, though, in kindergarten he seems to have issues regarding hyperactivity and behavior. The last two times I had seen him during circle time he needed a ball in his hands, and this day I learned that he was getting “touchy” during transitions and needed a behavior chart. For the behavior chart, each rotation (for reading and math) gets a happy or sad face and a little note (I am assuming this goes home to his parents). I also noticed how competitive he tends to get with the other students, and this was something that the speech pathologist discussed with me.


So what?


I am wondering what instigated this change in his behavior. I am unsure if he has ADHD, behavioral issues, or something else. I noticed during the game that he seemed to be very attention-seeking and I wonder if this is related to his competitive nature and behavior problems.


Now what?


Ask the teachers about M.! I know he is in the high language group but I wonder about his other issues.