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response to ShaynaS

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i really liked your post, it had musings and layers and was an interesting read

it did make me think though, and here is my train of thought-

yes, reality as we see it is definitely open to interpretation, and is subject to what the perciever sees and how they see it. but is there a reality that lies deeper than that? one that is subject to interepretation but that is constant because of that? is there a universal truth? and if there isnt then what do we spend so much time searching for? is our search futile?

i would say its not. becuase not only does our search equip us with the tools to form our own reality, it also brings us closer, by one tiny step to this 'truth', which i think sits somewhere in our subconsciousness.

because our subconsious not only holds within it our experiences and memories (both suppressed and alive) but it also holds the space and the comfort to overcome obstacles we need to. it holds our strength and fear and like that it holds our versions of this truth and the truth itself.

so whilst our dreams are spun by this space within our mind, showing us things we might have forgotten, they are also expressions of our mind whilst its playing, like ShaynaS said with 'what ifs' and other such possibilities. and the realities that are then created are shown to us, and linger in front of us until we decide to either forget or accept them. and more often than not, accepting them, as they are, is harder than forgetting them seems to be.

because all of us, together, have created a reality, a safe one, that we follow and live in. for example we are born - we grow up - get educated - get a job. anyone who falls out of this reality gets scared, because they stand alone on the outside, and they forget that what they stand outside of is just bubble, and that there are hundreds of other bubbles, some smaller, some bigger that they stand within.

which leads me to ask - do we want these bubbles? these norms and categories? yes, as we stand today, we need them, but will we always be this dependent? do we want to be?

it takes a certain amount of strength to dream and live the way alice does. and when, we as readers read her story, it takes a certain amount of strength to give it a chance and believe it rather then to dismiss it as a childs imaginings.


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nonsense as mind-expander

I really like what I understand of this post-- the idea of different understandings of how the world works/should work as different realities makes sense to me, I think, and helps me understand ShaynaS's post more. I'm confused, though, about what you mean at the end of the post. What is the "way" that Alice dreams/lives? Is the value of her dream-adventures in the possibility they suggest for expanding our understanding of how the world works to include multiple realities? If, as ShaynaS and Yann Martel suggest, our personal and chatter-established collective realities are "all in our heads," do nonsense stories serve to remind us of the impossibility of establishing an objective truth, and thereby help us imagine the possibility of truths besides our own?

I'm not sure how to connect the possibility of a "universal truth" that is discoverable within ourselves to a nonsense story, although I'm sure it can be done. Interpreting something like Alice as a reminder of our own absurdity seems to me to suggest no ultimate truth, but Carroll's own Christianity would suggest that he believed one existed. Perhaps rather than arguing the impossibility of an objective truth, a nonsense story merely points out our own imperfections in order to encourage further searching in a different direction?

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