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Rose and a Thorn...Plus

Silentp's picture

One of the fascinating parts of this course is the in-depth look at digital technology as a learning tool/environment.  Something I felt sure about before entering the course was a positive belief in self directed learning, which keyholes easily with digital technology.   However, I think after reading Selwyn, and researching some of the philosophies and politics of both I have to question my own understanding.  Then more questions arise about just what education is designed to do, and how that changes how it is delivered.  Another part of my world turned upside down... I was contentedly ignorant about twitter, and tumblr, but since being in class have been slowly moving into the light. I realized I am a little bit shy, and did not want to be exposed. Yet, it is not as scary as I imagined, it's actually liberating.  That would count as my rose, and the thorn is the frustratingly slow progress I make with all the new interfaces.