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Ch. 1 news

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The last time I went to my placement, the students were watching channel 1 news and there was a big focus on the current news with North Korea. Though sometimes this new channel simplifies the news it covers, I felt like they were being really good about not oversimplifying this topic. It was really interesting to see how one student in particular was completely enthralled with it. From my previous conversations with Ms. Morrow, I knew that he had an interest in history but it was cool to see how this could be seen with just how he sat or his repetitive movements stopped because he was so attentive. I was even impressed when he knew answers to questions about North Korea that were not mentioned in the news clip.

I often wish I could see what is going on in the students’ minds since they are so non-vocal. One can see the “gears clicking” when you sit back and observe but I want to know more but I don’t think there is way to do that unless the student was incredibly comfortable with you. But even then, the students don’t say much to Ms. Morrow whom they have known for a long period of time.