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Ptolemyrulz Minecraft Diary

This experience has been both frustrating and illuminating.  My expectations of how intensely frustrated I might get during the first few attempts at Minecraft have been exceeded.  I almost quit… several times.  Thanks to Youtube, last night I had a breakthrough.

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Reflections from the Rabbit Hole

As a mother I thought it would be a little bit strange to work with kindergarteners who are not my own. But the staff at our school, and all the wee ones have made it all feel incredibly natural. In addition I have gained a new, perspective about the life my son leads every weekday at school.
We have, as a group, been able to formulate a plan, and begin implementation in a smooth consistent way; not just because of the cooperation of the group and the school staff, but because we have been able to share scheduling, and ideas using google docs. It has saved us time and allowed us to work on the fly.
My apprehension about using tech is less about privacy, but more about how difficult the internet intentionally makes it for one to stay on task. The idea of an ebook has led me down several interesting rabbit holes on the web. In the process, I am learning to develop efficient search strategies. Of course I am unsuccessfully trying not to follow every slightly interesting new link. The class itself has made me hyper aware of how much time I am using to do specific tasks on the internet. Though, finding a way to be consistently focused is something I have yet to develop. Yet, I am starting to feel like the internet may not be all that compatible with focus, and my idea of what it is to focus, and to learn is widening. Sometimes it feels really exciting and freeing to get caught down the rabbit hole.

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Rose and a Thorn...Plus

One of the fascinating parts of this course is the in-depth look at digital technology as a learning tool/environment.  Something I felt sure about before entering the course was a positive belief in self directed learning, which keyholes easily with digital technology.   However, I think after reading Selwyn, and researching some of the philosophies and politics of both I have to question my own understanding.  Then more questions arise about just what education is designed to do, and how that changes how it is delivered.  Another part of my world turned upside down... I was contentedly ignorant about twitter, and tumblr, but since being in class have been slowly moving into the light. I realized I am a little bit shy, and did not want to be exposed. Yet, it is not as scary as I imagined, it's actually liberating.  That would count as my rose, and the thorn is the frustratingly slow progress I make with all the new interfaces.

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