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Placement Week 1

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So far in my placement I have made contact with the student from Ghana and we have set up a time for us to gchat every week. This initial contact is very important and S (my pen-pal) seems nice and just as excited as I am to finally get started. We have agreed to talk via Google chat Monday afternoons. In the placement group we have talked about what kinds of questions we are going to ask our pen-pals.

Our class discussions on the structure of the e pen-pals has been a little confusing but I think we have been getting better at figuring out the expectations for the placement. Our Google Doc and having a point person to lay out our path has been helpful.

At this point now I think it is important for everyone in the group to make initial contact with their pen-pal and set up times to talk. I think it is also important that we continue to talk about what we discuss with our pen-pals so we are on the same page. We should also discuss with our pen-pals how they access the internet to understand what they do on their end to talk with us. 


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expectations/laying out a path

It could be helpful to think of what you are doing as making a path by walking.  You are exploring how to create by creating -- you are learning what you can learn and how via an e-penpal process.  What you've written is great -- and I wonder what you have already learned from the exchange with your pen pal -- from what is, not from what is uncertain.