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Nature Writing #4

Hannah's picture

Sometimes its fun to imagine time all happening at once instead of moving forward one event at a time.


This is what I did this week at my location as well as at Harriton House, and I found that it made me feel much more connected with the land at Bryn Mawr. By land I mean the physical space that somehow stays constant despite all the changes that occur in it as time passes. Although plants may die and new plants may grow, or a rock might be moved to a new place, the ground beneath my feet feels stable and intimately connected to all events that have or will or are occurring on top or inside of it. Sitting still in one place, I feel as if I am actually in an infinite amount of places throughout time that are all connected by the land. I am a time traveler.


This was inspired by what I learned at Harriton House when Bruce told us about the history of the farm and of Bryn Mawr. I noticed that knowing about the events that happened in the past and how the land changed throughout time made me feel so much more connected to Bryn Mawr as a place. I wanted to experience a similar connection to my location on campus so I imagined its past too.