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This Week's Work: Feb. 21st – Feb. 28th

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Sunday (Feb. 23rd):

ENGL: post on-line your second 5-pp. reflection about "inside/out": 
what is home? exile? place? porosity? figure? ground? for you now?
What text can you draw on or analyze to bring these ideas into focus?

Monday (Feb. 24th):

ECON: See post.

EDUC: Read Saylan and Blumstein, chaps. 5; Royt, "Introduction" (password-protected file)

ENGL: Catherine Meeks. Interview with an Independent Writer: Ruth Ozeki. ASLE News: A Quarterly Publication of the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment. Spring 2013 [scroll down the page, or search for "Ozeki," to find the interview]
Ruth Ozeki. Parts I-III. All Over Creation. Picador, 2003 (pp. 1-168).

Tuesday (Feb. 25th):

ECON: See post.

Wednesday (Feb. 26th):

ECON: See post.

EDUC: Read Lapayese (password-protected file)

ENGL:  Ruth Ozeki. Part IV. All Over Creation. Picador, 2003 (pp. 169-242)

Friday (Feb. 28th):

ECON: Midterm due 9AM.

For TRIP: profile of Waterfront South
New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection. Camden Waterfront South Air Toxics Project Final Report. August 2005.
Luke W. Cole and Caroline Farrell. Structural Racism, Structural Pollution and the Need for a New Paradigm. Washington University Journal of Law & Policy 20 (2006): 265-282.
Blue Jersey Mom. EcoJustice: Environmental Racism, Camden, NJ, and the St. Lawrence Cement Plant. Dec. 7, 2009

Matt Taibbi. Apocalypse, New Jersey: A Dispatch from America's Most Desperate TownRolling Stone. December 22, 2013.
Ariel Rosenberg. Letter to Rolling Stone. December 12, 2013.


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