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Notes Towards Day 13 (Tues, Oct. 18): Visiting Parkway West

I. Be @ Pem Arch @ 10:15, ready to board the bus for our trip to Parkway
plan to take notes while there,
and write up your thoughts soon after....

II. 7 p.m. on Wed, Oct. 19:
Karen Russell will give the
Balch Lecture in McPherson Auditorium, Goodhart

III. for Thursday's class:

Make some notes, comparing your writing assignment #5
with the notes you took on our visit to Parkway.
Bring to class your notes/work done towards
revising that paper [which will be due on SUNDAY night this week]
in light of that visit. We'll work through this material again in writing pairs.

(We'll also have a class-wide discussion of our visit to Parkway,
and of our mid-semester assessments).

Lesson plan for Parkway West/Bryn Mawr meeting

Brief intro:
Why are we doing this? What are our goals?
(One teacher from Pway, one from BMC?)


What is barometer and how does it work?
(BMC teacher explains)

Ask for volunteers (5 from Pway, 5 from BMC)

1.   People need to go to college to be successful
2.   Personal experience is just as important in the classroom as is learning from books
3.   Standardized testing measures intelligence
4.   Recently, a woman went to jail for enrolling her child in a school outside of her district, should families be able to choose their school no matter where they live?

*After some or all of these questions, ask people to talk to their neighbors (mix it up w/ Pwy and BMC students) about some of the issues that came up in the barometer conversation, then open for comments to full group.  Then move to next question.

Foreshadowing that Parkway students will come to BMC, and in preparation for that visit we want everyone to write something you’d like to explore further, and/or something that really struck you about our conversations today.