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Introduction- Rachel Roberts

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My name is Rachel Roberts. I work in the Philadelphia School district at Hunter Elementary school where I am currently a fifth grade teacher. I am the only teacher in my family. I am married and have a 2 year old son. His name is Aidan. I am also 36 weeks pregnant with our daughter, Lucy. My favorite Michael Jackson song is "Rock with You"!

I try to teach my students to be “investigators of the world”. Always ask questions, solve problems and figure things out.  I teach them to be thinkers and responders. Share ideas and thoughts, work together to solve problems. Always think about both sides of situations and problems that need to be solved.

The hardest problem I have in my classroom is the size of our classrooms. We usually have anywhere from 30-33 students in a class at a time-especially during science. The students for the most part, enjoy science so they look forward to experimenting, but unfortunately we don’t always have enough supplies for each student. We work collaboratively in groups to solve this problem, but I would much rather have each student have the chance to have that hands-on experience.

We work through our problems and are usually successful.