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This Week's Work: April 18th – April 25th

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Monday (April 21st):

ECON: See post.

EDUC: Read Tuck (password-protected file). Work on Camden lesson plans

ENGL: --class cancelled, in return for two hours working with Ava:
Simona and Lisa, 11-1; Kelsey and Sophia, 1-3 on Friday, 4/18; 
others to be scheduled later...

Tuesday (April 22nd): Earth Day!
ENGL: By 5 p.m. post your initial reflections on and/or questions about 
Ghosh's novel. When you do so, please read all postings that are already up  
(the later you post, the more you'll have to read...) and write in response to them
(rather than my having to "create" the conversation artificially).

Wednesday (April 23rd):

ECON: See post.

EDUC: Visit Arnecliffe to learn about/participate in Ava's casting work

ENGL: Finish reading Part I of Ghosh's novel, The Hungry Tide.

Thursday (April 24th): Story Slam! (7:30-9:30pm)


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