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Econ 136: Week 13 Tasks

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ECON 136:  Week 13 Tasks

Looking well ahead:   During exam period, I'll be asking you to write a short memo within a four hour window of your choice.   We'll go over the details on April 30.

Monday:  The Precautionary Principle

How should we cope with irreversible unlikely events?

Read Cairncross

Due Monday night (or by 3am Tuesday, April 22):   Cost-Benefit Memorandum

Wednesday:  On Climate Change

On Monday I'll ask you to take on the roles of different individuals or groups potentially affected by climate change or by policies to limit greenhouse gas emissions.  

Resident of island nation of Tuvalu -- Alison & Liz

Coal miner in West Virginia -- Jo & Sophia

Dock worker in Iceland -- Agatha & Betsy

Recent hire at Foxconn in China -- Anisa

California freeway commuter -- Ian

Southern California farmer -- Megan

Family with a summer home damaged by Hurricane Sandy -- Kelsey

Scientist who studies the Great Barrier Reef eco-system -- Jessica

Resident of Camden -- Simona

Clive Palmer (owner of Australia's Queensland Nickel) -- Jenna & Lisa

We'll use these resources:

On winners and losers from climate change, see this and that.

Just internalizing the GHG externality would hurt the poor, but it doesn't need to.

Friday:   No Class

I've created sign-up slots in Moodle for us to meet as needed to go over rewrites from the midterm or other end of semester issues.

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