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The Ecological Thought Comments

Jenna Myers's picture

After reading The Ecological Thought by Timothy Morton I was focusing in on when he discussed nature and art as well as the idea of coexistence. At the beginning he says “Ecological thinking is to do with art, philosophy, literature, music and culture…Ecology includes all the ways we imagine we live together. Ecology is profoundly about coexistence” (4). I completely agree with his statement because nature can be found in all different aspects of life especially when it comes to thinking of objects at natural instead of man-made. On page 8 he goes into talking about residents not wanting solar panels because they don’t look natural or wind turbines will spoil the view. Renewable energy is something I’ve recently been passionate about and in my opinion I believe that incorporating solar panels and wind turbines into our environment is beautiful and is natural. The point of using solar panels and wind turbines is by harnessing Earths natural resources, which should be seen as beautiful.